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February 9, 2023

A new bridge between the United States and Romania, opened by the RePatriot Economic Mission

18 Romanian entrepreneurs, 30,000 miles crossed, 10 days of meetings with officials and businessmen in Salt Lake City, Moab and Chicago, presentations at 3 Chambers of Commerce and 3 municipalities, a conference with more than 100 Romanian entrepreneurs at Trump Tower Chicago, visits to the worship places of the Romanians and at the Sunday Schools, these are just a few landmarks of one of the most important Romanian economic mission in the U.S.A. after 1989.

This visit has been designed and planned at the RePatriot Summit in Alba Iulia, organized on the occasion of celebrating 100 years since the Great Union, and managed to open new economic, cultural and trust bridges between the U.S. and Romania, through its powerful message and the variety of the business offers made. The delegation headed by the businessman and RePatriot initiator Marius Bostan represented more than 30 companies operating in the following fields: technology, IT&C, software, smart city, artificial intelligence, automation and IoT for agriculture, veterinary, wines, real-estate, constructions and installations, cosmetics, translations, nanotechnology, assistance services for investors, food supplements, trade, logistics and strategic products, etc.


Romanians have been greeted everywhere with American flags and they wore the tricolor


In Salt Lake City, Romanians were greeted by the Honorary Consul of Romania in Utah, Mircea Divricean, and the RePatriot Ambassador Mike Divricean, who led them to Campus Kostopulos, where they were received by the Romanians in Utah, state and city officials and the Romanian Ambassador in the U.S.A., and where the first talks have been held on the investment and business opportunities between Utah and Romania.

The visit included an introduction in the culture and the LDS help system in which people going through difficult moments are helped to restore themselves and they don’t get state assistance, but their fellows donate, and church takes care of their recovery, “providing them with the fishing rod”. The Romanian businessmen saw how the love for your neighbor, faith and freedom brought prosperity into the community.

The second evening had a fantastic end due to the presence of the RePatriot-Romanian Business Leaders Delegation to the Camp K Annual Gala, where they were declared Partners and Romania was applauded by more than 400 American personalities who celebrated and appreciated the work and the results for the benefit of the community coordinated by the two remarkable Romanians.


Romanian – American friendship strengthens by better knowledge and joint activities


The Romanian delegation went to Moab, where it had business meetings with the Chamber of Commerce, local business leaders and city officials. Romania and home opportunities have been presented, invitations have been made for visits and possible partnerships have been explored, establishing the next steps for cooperation.

Along with Sheriff James Winder’s family and with the team of the Romanian Embassy which included George Maior, the delegation of entrepreneurs spent an extraordinary Sunday; they went to the Arches National Park, to Dead Horse Point, and then businessmen trained at the shooting range in the mountains, with the rangers of the city.

“Romanian Business Leaders were great, and through the RePatriot delegation they fly the Romanian and the U.S. flags in a symbolic place, showing the connection between the two nations. A small step for us, a big step for the Romanian – American brotherhood! Two trustworthy Transylvanian guys, Mircea and Mike Divricean, opened an extraordinary path for developing business, attracting investments and entering the American market, through the State of Utah”, stated entrepreneur and RePatriot initiator Marius Bostan, the head of the Romanian delegation.

On Monday, April 15, the Romanian Business Leaders Delegation was received in Utah at the highest level, by Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox and Sean Reyes, Utah’s Attorney General, friends of Romania, accompanied by staff and experts, and they have been assured that economic and strategic support and assistance in developing business will be provided to them. Also, Romania was presented as a strategic investment option for the entry of the American companies, including the small and medium-sized ones, in the European Union.

“It is time to coalesce the Romanians in the U.S.A. for development actions of the transatlantic bridge, to anchor Romania by as many valuable connections as possible. We are presenting business opportunities, attracting partnerships and exploring offers for the Romanian companies to enter the American market. There are already several important people and companies that we met, who will come to explore Romania. Also, concerns have been expressed on justice and freedom of press. We have established that together, we will be able to solve all the problems and we referred to the effectiveness of the Strategic Partnership and to the NATO membership. The results are extraordinary and we get much more than we have expected. God Bless America! God Bless Romania!”

A very good and applied meeting took place at World Trade Center – the Chamber of Commerce, where new business relations have been established and support was gained for Romania. The meeting was followed by a working dinner with the Key Bank President, Terry Grant, and the President of the Utah Bankers Association, Howard Headlee, who presented the financial banking environment and funding opportunities. At Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, there have been interactions with 12 relevant startups with which several possible joint projects have been established to make a new bridge.

“We understood what opportunities we would have here for our products. We thank to the Romanians Mircea and Michael Divricean, the RePatriot Ambassadors in the U.S.A., who honor Romania by their daily work for the support of the Utah community. It is really great to see that the American Romanians are appreciated and honor at the highest levels”, stated Andrei Merlusca – energy efficient house constructions – Dimmer.

Salt Lake City Mayor, Jackie Biskupski, presented to the Romanians the business climate in the city, he shared the development model, the private-public partnership, the funding of the development by bonds and the smart city. An extraordinary example of entrepreneurial education was presented at Utah Business School – Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. The working meeting on the legal counseling related to international trade and protecting intellectual property was hosted by lawyers of Hirton McConkie Law Firm, who in fact pleaded and won one of the important trials in favor of Romania.

FBI Salt Lake City Headquarter, through Assistant Special Agent Dan Brady and his team, offered a short Cybersecurity, Counter Intelligence and International Organized Crime training session for the Romanian businessmen. Images are available here.

University of Utah – Huntsman Cancer Institute was the next visit, where a unique place was discovered, in which more than 200 types of cancer are investigated and treated. The last day has officially ended at doTERRA Campus, Sillicon Slopes, a large company which has in Romania the largest market in Europe.

“RePatriot makes history in Salt Lake City! The Romanian flag was raised at high economic and political level in Salt Lake City, in the honor of Romania, of the RePatriot – RBL Delegation. We felt directly the friendship of some American people with important positions, and I am sure we will not be left behind anymore if we want to go ahead”, stated Andra Giuca, Communication Manager of RBL&RePatriot, Managing Partner at VossReview.

On April 17, the delegation of entrepreneurs arrived in Chicago, where it was greeted with flags and joy at the airport by Romanians headed by one of the leaders of the Romanian community, Octavian Cojan, 82 years old, and by the representative of the Consulate General in Chicago. Next day, visits were made at the Chicago Chamber of Commerce and City Hall, where new channels have been opened for a better assessment of the market and to favor business, and the possibility to attract new investments has been explored.

“We brought in the U.S.A. 360 bottles of wine with pure Romanian wine varieties, with which we hope we will increase the interest of the distributors. The Romanian varieties were appreciated by those who tasted them. American market is very large and complex, but I am confident that with the help of the Romanians here, we will be able to rely on the next years. We thank to the Romanian diplomats who get involved in supporting such missions, and we felt this support in America”, stated Lucian Neacsu, producer of organic wines, Romanian varieties, Senator Wine.

The visit to the Entrepreneurial and Information Technology Accelerator 1871, the presentation of the company Digital Authority Partners Inc. and the dialogue with the Romanian entrepreneur Codrin Arsene led to a better knowledge of the American business environment in the technology field, and relevant advice has been provided to the Romanian delegation. Codrin Arsene declared himself open for providing advice to the beginner entrepreneurs of RePatriot.


Patriotism, freedom, faith in Romania’s future, have been asserted at the meeting of the Romanians at Trump Tower in Chicago


On April 18, at 6.00 PM, 18 Romanian entrepreneurs and more than 100 American Romanians sang the Romanian Anthem at Trump Tower in Chicago, at the start of the RePatriot Conference that explored new business opportunities in the United States and Romania. Speakers advocated for a more intense connection between the Romanians in the United States and those in Romania. There was a great enthusiasm and a pleading was made for a better anchorage of Romania to America. There have been discussions on the barriers that prevent people from coming back home, the concerns related to the political class, the political economic and infrastructure problems of Romania. The conference lasted three hours, but the talks continued until late, on a glass of Romanian wine.


Romanian community mostly meets around the Romanian churches


April 20 was the day when the entrepreneurs had direct meetings with the Romanian business partners and learned more about the Romanian community in Chicago. Romanian churches are the core of the communities, that’s where children learn Romanian at the Sunday schools and where they help those in need. Romanian entrepreneurs are generally close to the Church and they have the deep awareness of its sacred and social role, as well as of the role of maintaining the identity.

“The meetings with the representatives of the local administration and the state Government helped me understand how administration works and how local administration is positioned in the relation with the companies in the region. I was amazed to see that mayoralties have carefully selected people who communicate with the business community in the region, as well as people dealing with international relations that have an impact on the local community. I have gathered many ideas which I will develop in Romania, too”, stated Alexandru Selaru, Harrison.


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