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August 18, 2022

Liberals to file censure motion by the end of this parliamentary session

National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban on Tuesday stated that the Liberals will file a censure motion by the end of this parliamentary session.

“Our objective is to win these elections, we are fighting to overcome the ruling party in the elections to the EP, while also trying to convince the Romanian citizens that by voting against the PSD (Social Democratic Party), by voting for PNL, they are basically voting a motion of censure against the Government. We will certainly file the motion of censure by the end of this parliamentary session. (…) We will submit the motion of censure at the right moment, when we can be sure that we can attract enough MPs on our side, including from the government’s circle of influence. However, the exact moment when we are going to submit the motion of censure will be decided based on an analysis most probably after the election to the European Parliament, for right now the citizens are called to decided first of all who is going to represent Romania in the EP and second of all they are called to vote in the referendum organised by the President, to say very clearly that they those who are being guilty of corruption to be punished and that they do not accept that those who committed corruption deeds to be pardoned,” said Orban, at the end of the meeting of the Executive Office of the PNL.

He also said he discussed with President Klaus Iohannis about the motion of censure.

When asked about the announcement made by the representatives of Pro Romania in respect to certain discussions about a possible action against the Government, he claimed that the most serious motion of censure would be the vote given against the PSD in the next elections.

“The most serious motion of censure would be if the citizens vote against the PSD in the election to the European Parliament and in the referendum organised by the President of Romania, which is also supported by the PNL. By voting PNL they can defeat PSD and if PSD is defeated then the Government would lose its legitimacy. If PSD loses the elections it will start a crisis that will for sure cause the fall of this Government,” said Orban.


Orban: PNL will vote against amendments to Criminal Codes. We are ready to challenge them with CCR


Liberals’ leader also stated on Tuesday that the PNL deputies will vote against the amendments brought to the Criminal Codes.

“We really see the PSD’s [the Social Democratic Party] action to quickly move ahead with the new amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code as an unacceptable defiance, taking into account that the Venice Commission delegation comes to Romania and it is very clear that the standpoints expressed by the plenary meeting of the Venice Commission represent a starting point for the standpoints adopted by the European Commission, the positions at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and, also, of the Group of States Against Corruption. The defiance of the experts delegation of the Venice Commission shows very clearly that the PSD – ALDE [the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats] doesn’t observe and has no intention to observe any recommendation of the Venice Commission and no recommendation of the CVM [the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism], a thing that seriously jeopardizes Romania’s position at European level, risking the start of a sanctioning procedure against Romania because of the systematic defiance and the permanent aggression of the majority coalition against the independence of Justice. (…) We won’t vote. We will vote against it. We are already prepared to challenge with the CCR [the Constitutional Court of Romania] the amendments brought to the Criminal Code, as well as the amendments brought to the Criminal Procedure Code,” Orban stated at the end of the meeting of the PNL’s Executive Bureau.

When asked what provisions would the PNL challenge with the CCR in the context in which the amendments were aimed at removing the articles ruled as unconstitutional, he responded that in any moment a new amendment might emerge that can affect the entirety of the Criminal Codes.

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