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May 23, 2022

Rembrandt, Movies, Music & Many More

2019 is the year of Rembrandt and The Golden Age in the Netherlands: 350 years since the celebrated Dutch Master passed away. Countless activities will occur in the Netherlands throughout the whole year. The Dutch Embassy in Romania is celebrating Rembrandt with an original initiative: reinventing Rembrandt through the eyes of young Romanian artists. In cooperation with Bucharest Art Academy (UNARTE), the Embassy invited students from all faculties  at UNARTE to pay an artistic tribute to the Dutch master. A professional jury will select the best works. A number of works will be displayed in a small exhibition and all the artists will get a “Meet the artist” short presentation on the Facebook page of the Embassy, together with their work. An inspirational bridge between the work of a Dutch Golden Age artistic genius and the future promises of the contemporary Romanian art.

The Embassy has built over the years a tradition in supporting film festivals in Romania. In 2019 we will continue this tradition supporting film festivals like “One World Romania” and “Transylvania International Film Festival” (TIFF). The Netherlands has always been an engaged promotor of human rights. In Spring, the Embassy supported with three films the Human Rights Festival “One World”. A festival with an important mission: to open people’s eyes to human rights through movies. Movies that matter, that can make a change and have a strong impact. Not only three documentaries represented the Netherlands at the festival, but also a Dutch icon of the cinematography came to Bucharest to participate: historian Ian Buruma. He talked to the public during the festival in panels and debates after the screenings, met his readers at Libraria Humanitas to discuss about his two books published in Romanian.

Moving just one step away from the human rights space, the Embassy will travel to Transylvania and bring three Dutch movies to the film lovers. For those interested in the “behind the scene’s”, TIFF prepared Q&A’s with the film directors after the screenings.

The Embassy also wishes to extend its support to other fields of culture this year, like music (“Jazz in the Park” in Cluj), literature (FILIT in Iasi, where we hope to welcome the Dutch writer Herman Koch), theater (Sibiu International Theatre Festival), graphic design (“The Most Beautiful Books”), photography (World Press Photo 2019 in Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj).

Human rights and movies go together well, not only in Romania. Across the border in Moldova a series of short films “Kijken in de ziel” (“Gazing into the soul”) are being screened. The short films, produced by Dutch journalist Coen Verbraak, focus  on raising awareness on the topic of ethics in the judiciary system. The films discuss different issues that judges deal with in both their professional and personal life, such as doubts in their rulings, interacting with suspects, having to apply a law that may sometimes seem unfair etc. “Gazing into the Soul” is followed by debates in Moldova for judges, trainee judges, as well as law students and young professionals.

Photo: Self-portrait, Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1628
Photo source: https://www.rijksmuseum.nl

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