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January 27, 2022

Orban: PNL’s Executive Bureau to convene in Sibiu on Wednesday with EPP leaders and President Iohannis attending

The Executive Bureau of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) will be convening in Sibiu on Wednesday, the party’s chairman, Ludovic Orban, said on Monday.

“We have convened the PNL Executive Bureau for May 8 at 16:00hrs. It is an honour for this meeting of the PNL Executive Bureau, entirely dedicated to the debate of the European agenda for the next five years, to be also attended by European People’s Party (EPP) Chairman Joseph Daul and EPP Secretary General Antonio Lopez Isturiz White,” Orban said after a meeting on Monday of the PNL leadership.

Asked if President Klaus Iohannis will attend this meeting as well, he replied that he had sent the President invitations to some important events, and that it would be up to the president to decide whether or not to participate.

Orban also confirmed that Iohannis was invited to participate in the PNL electoral rallies that will be held this month in Iasi and Bucharest.

“We want him to be present and offer the opportunity for him to support the referendum he has launched and to send messages to all Romanian citizens about the need to participate in this referendum and the need to vote in favour of this referendum,” added Orban.

He said that PNL wants to stage a rally in Bucharest’s Piata Victoriei.

“It is the most appropriate venue. We have submitted a request to the Bucharest City Hall, in compliance with the law; we are expecting the special board that approves events to give us a reply,” said Orban, pointing out that it will certainly be a great rally.


PNL to support revision of Constitution in Parliament, in the sense of “No Convicts in Public Offices” initiative


National Liberal Party leader Ludovic Orban on Monday stated that the Liberals will support the revision of Constitution in Parliament, in the sense of the “No Convicts on Public Offices” initiative.

“PNL at its Executive Bureau meeting decided, after seeing the CCR’s explanatory in respect to the “No Convicts in Public Offices” initiative, to support the amendment of the Constitution in this respect, since it’s also similar with PNL’s legislative proposals regarding integrity in public office, currently pending debate in Parliament,” Orban said at the meeting of the PNL leadership.

On April 9, Romania’s Constitutional Court established that the citizens’ initiative to revise the fundamental law so that the persons convicted by definitive court decisions will no longer be allowed to hold public offices is constitutional.

The constitutional judges specified in their explanatory that the ban to be established through the modification of the Constitution “will depend on the legislator’s appreciation and will refer to a limited number of criminal convictions.”

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