ALDE urges people not to vote in referendum

National leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said Tuesday that his party’s recommendation is “not to vote” in the May 26 referendum on justice, “not to play into the hands” of President Klaus Iohannis.

“Everyone, after all, is free to do whatever he or she sees fit, but given the circumstances, it is clear that our recommendation is not to vote in this referendum in order not to play the into the president’s hands,” Tariceanu said on Tuesday at the end of a convention of the ALDE Executive Political Bureau.

According to Tariceanu, the May 26 referendum “is not a matter of real consultation.”

“Many colleagues have asked me how to proceed with the referendum. I told them that, in my opinion, this is practically a diversion through which the president tries to enter the presidential race campaigning earlier. Second, the questions are something like ‘Do you need oxygen in order to breathe?’ Yes, the obvious answer can only be one, so it is not a matter of real consultation, so it is an attempt to divert the debate that should have been focused on Europe’s issues. Romania needs to be more aware that it is a member of the EU (…) We have to change our attitude towards the EU, to understand that we have shared rights and responsibilities as well,” added Tariceanu.


Tariceanu on potentially running for president: I will prepare well for final with current president


Tariceanu  said on Monday that in the event that he runs for presidential elections, he will prepare “well” for a final with the current president, Klaus Iohannis.

Tariceanu has stated that the decision on this candidacy will be “a political decision that will engage the coalition”.

“At the moment, we have not made this decision, it will be a political decision that will engage the coalition. We will see whether it will be me. You know me, I will prepare myself well for the final with the current president,” the ALDE leader told private broadcaster Romania TV.

Calin Popescu-Tariceanu criticized Klaus Iohannis for trying to divide the country through the referendum on 26 May.

“The president’s role is to unify the nation, not that of a character that divides the country in two, as the president did at the last press conference, when he said: I want to see who is with me and who is against me. This is not the role of the referendum, this is not the role of any electoral confrontation. People should be called to say yes, I am analysing, these are the proposals, the electoral offers, this is what this candidate wants to do, these are the things his opponent wants to do and I have to choose to see what is best for me as a citizen, what is best for the country I live in, for my generation, for the future generation. The presidency is not a flower that you pin on your buttonhole and after five years you fight to get it one more time,” Tariceanu said.




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