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November 20, 2019

Custodian of Romanian Crown welcomes the adoption of the EU Children’s Declaration of Bucharest: Children are the heirs of the planet, they should be listened to

The voice of the Romanian children, who were joined by the voices of the children from the EU sister countries, was loudly and clearly heard, Princess Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, said at the end of an international conference in Bucharest on the participation of children in the EU decision- and policy-making process.

“In his address to Parliament in 2011, my father, King Mihai I, said: ‘I do not see today’s Romania as an inheritance from our parents, but as a country borrowed from our children.’ This means that everything we do is for our children and that their future is the rationale for our actions today. Yes, we should listen to what the children have to say, because they are the heirs of the planet,” Princess Margareta said.

The Crown Custodian welcomed the adoption of the EU Children’s Declaration of Bucharest.

“Congratulations to all the children here and to those from all European Union countries who have contributed to this conference. This is the first Declaration the children make at such a high level to promote and defend their right to take decisions on matters that influence their life. I am proud that this is happening during the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union. The voice of the Romanian children, who were joined by the voices of the children from EU sister countries was loudly and clearly heard. Your declaration is an alarm signal for us, adults, who should get you involved as partners in defining the future,” said the Crown Custodian.

Margareta emphasized the need for a real dialogue between generations, mentioning that this principle is being developed in a project of the foundation that bears her name.

“The partnership and dialogue between generations are close to my heart and represent an essential principle promoted by the Royal Family of Romania. My grandmother and my parents inspired me to develop the dialogue between generations, and today the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation is a pioneer in this field. (…) But today, at this important meeting, I would like to emphasize the importance of dialogue. The best bond with children is to talk to them, to have a real dialogue between generations, to listen to each other and show mutual respect. (…) Thank you all, children and adults, for visiting Romania! I hope you will keep a whit of my country in your heart and that this memory will encourage you to reach your ambitious goals,” said the Crown Custodian.

At the end of the speech, the conference organizers offered the Crown Custodian a copy of the EU Children’s Declaration of Bucharest.

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