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July 3, 2022

On the National Youth Day, Iasi has officially become the Youth Capital of Romania

On the National Youth Day, which is May 2, the Program entitled “Iasi, the Youth Capital of Romania 2019-2020” was officially launched. The Cooperation Agreement concluded between Iasi Municipality, the Federation of Youth Non-Governmental Organizations in Iasi (FONTIS) and the Governance of the Program “Youth Capital of Romania” (Romanian Youth Council, Banca Comerciala Romana, The Youth Federation of Cluj and the PONT Group) has been signed at the launching event of the ICTRo 2019-2020 Program.

The launching event of the Program “Iasi – the Youth Capital of Romania 2019-2020” also included the launch of the Youth Tram, painted by the young students of the Faculty of Architecture “G. M. Cantacuzino” (the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi) and the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design (the National University of Arts “George Enescu” of Iasi), coordinated by Asociatia Pasionatilor de Transport Public Tramclub Iasi (Association of the Public Transportation Enthusiasts Tramclub Iasi – e.n.). With this launch, the “rISeUp” Totem – “Iasi – The Youth Capital of Romania 2019-2020” was inaugurated and installed in front of the Palace of Culture.

Under this Program, the main activities carried out by people in Iasi are related to organizing branding campaigns in seven districts of Iasi, revitalizing an urban space, 10 working meetings in urban centers in the North-Eastern region of the country, endowing 15 campuses with multifunctional spaces and involving 30,000 youngsters in environmental actions. #rISeUp will also benefit from a digital platform (CulturISe) for the cultural events taking place in Iasi, as well as from professional trading programs for the young people in the city.

The Program “Iasi – the Youth Capital of Romania 2019-2020” will be implemented by FONTIS – a youth structure consisting of 33 organizations of young people and for young people, in co-management with the Iasi Municipality. The title “Youth Capital of Romania” will be held by people in Iasi between May 2, 2019 and May 1, 2020. Thus, Iasi has become the fourth Romanian city that holds this title, after Timisoara, Bacau and Baia Mare.

“The city of Iasi deserves this title and we are more than honored to be the generation that made it possible to get it. We are witnessing the zero point in the development of the youth sector of Iasi. The Program “Iasi – the Youth Capital of Romania 2019-2020” will be a test we want to pass it successfully, as well as a proof that the dialogue between the factors of change is essential for the sustainable development of the community”, the FONTIS President, Mircea Meriacri stated.

“Every time I come to Iasi, the Spiritual Capital of Romania, my heart beats a little bit harder. I’ve always found here warmth and hope. Youngsters in Iasi are suggesting a concept saying that you should trust your own city. Trust is also a big word, and we are working with it at the bank. ‘Trust’ comes from a word which is also the radical of the word ‘credit’, as well as the radical of the word ‘heart’ If youngsters of Iasi say you should trust your city, this is an urge to give your heart to the city. That’s where everything starts from. At that point, you will discover the courage to rise very high”, stated Ionut Stanimir, the Executive Manager of the BCR Marketing and Communication Department.

“It is a source of inspiration, confidence and enthusiasm for all of us to see you so determined to win this title, to show what Iasi can do, what young people in Iasi can do, what the partnership between the local authority and the youth organizations can do both for the local community here and for Moldova. On the occasion of launching the Program “Iasi, the Youth Capital of Romania”, I am asking the youngsters to get involved, to change communities in the good direction, as Iasi does, as youngsters in Baia Mare, Bacau, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and many other localities did”, stated Mihai Dragos, the President of the Romanian Youth Council.

“We want a better Romania, a Romania which call ‘home’ with love. From the moment ‘Cluj-Napoca, the Youth Capital of Europe 2015’ until today, when Iasi officially opens the program ‘Iasi, the Youth Capital of Romania 2019-2020’, we proved that we, the youngsters, together with the local public authorities and with the support of the business sector, can bring a significant contribution to the development of the cities we are living in, and implicitly of the country”, added Tudor Ogner, the President of the Youth Federation of Cluj.

“I salute the enthusiasm of the co-management team of the program ‘Iasi, the Youth Capital of Romania’, and I wish them a lot of luck in all their activities, projects and constructive processes that will take place in the following 12 months. As an organization operating in the field of social innovation, we want to be an active partner of all those who will bring their contribution to this project”, concluded Mihai Pop, the Project Manager of the PONT Group.


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