President Iohannis to present Romania’s vision on EU Strategic Agenda for five years at Sibiu Summit

President Klaus Iohannis will host the Informal Summit of EU heads of state or government in Sibiu on Thursday, context in which he will present Romania’s vision with regard to the EU Strategic Agenda for 2019 – 2024, informs the Presidential Administration.

According to the Presidency, the main topic of the informal meeting of the European Council in Sibiu will be the future of the European Union, focusing on the Strategic Agenda of the Union for 2019-2024. On this occasion, the European leaders will have an exchange of views on the current challenges faced by the Union and the priorities of action at European level for the coming years.

President Klaus Iohannis will present at the meeting Romania’s vision on the Strategic Agenda for the next five years. This document is due to be adopted at the European Council meeting on 20-21 June, based on the conclusions of the Summit held in Sibiu, the Presidential Administration shows.

At the same time, EU27 leaders are to adopt a Declaration on the future of the European Union.

The European Council President, Donald Tusk, and the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, will as well attend the meeting held by Romania, which is currently holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union. The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani will also attend the first part of the meeting.

“The EU summit will take place at the Sibiu City Hall in Piata Mare, and Iohannis will hold talks with his guests in the office he occupied when he was mayor of the city”, according to incumbent Sibiu Mayor Fodor.

According to Romania’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, the summit of May 9, dedicated to the future of the European Union and the future strategic agenda of the leaders for 2019-2024, will bring together in Sibiu heads of state or government of EU member states, 36 official retinues, 400 high-ranking guests, about 900 journalists and 100 translators.

At the end of the informal summit meeting, Klaus Iohannis will hold a joint press conference alongside Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker.


Head of State inspects City Hall of Sibiu and Brukenthal Palace prior the arrival of EU leaders


President Klaus Iohannis wants the European leaders on Thursday, at an informal European summit in Sibiu, to show that they know what they want of the European Union and to send an optimistic message to show that EU citizens will enjoy both welfare and security.

“Our message is very clear: it is the message that I have repeated many times. I, and also all Romanians, wish for a strong, integrated citizen-oriented European Union that also guarantees the security of the citizens, that allows the single market to deepen and that generates both welfare and security for every citizen. Of course, things will be much more detailed in what I hope will be called the Declaration of Sibiu, which we are preparing and which will be discussed on Thursday and then made public. From the very beginning, I have wanted us to have an optimistic declaration, and I believe I have convinced the European Council, my male and female colleagues as well. We are on the brink of European elections, the EU has gone through and resolved so many crises, and I believe that we need a message of optimism, steered towards the future, showing that we, the leaders, are willing to go further, willing to generate what we promise, welfare and security for our citizens. And we have to show that we know what we want of the European Union. And that is what we will prove in Sibiu on Thursday,” Iohannis said in Sibiu on Tuesday.

He added that he is pleased with the preparations for the Thursday European summit in Sibiu.

Iohannis and Sibiu Mayor Astrid Fodor inspected both the building of the City Hall of Sibiu and Brukenthal Palace. The EU summit will be held at the Town Hall, while an official dinner will take place at Brukenthal Palace.

“At the Town Hall, things are very well prepared; the office that was mine is well prepared for the bilateral meetings we will organise. Leaders also have rooms in the City Hall for bilateral meetings. There is a special office arranged for President Tusk, there is a special office set up for President Juncker and there is also a special office for me. But for all the other leaders there is room, all the offices on the first floor are free for bilateral meetings that can take place there,” said Iohannis.

The President also wanted to see the preparations in Piata Mare and Piata Mica, where important law enforcement forces are deployed along with unprecedented security measures for Sibiu and special tents for journalists, translators and other participants in the EU summit.


Klaus Iohannis to attend PNL Executive Bureau meeting on Wednesday, EPP Summit on Thursday, in Sibiu


President Klaus Iohannis will attend on Wednesday in central Sibiu, the meeting of the Executive Bureau of the National Liberal Party (PNL), and on Thursday the Summit of the European People’s Party (EPP), according to the agenda released on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Klaus Iohannis will be at the meeting of the PNL Executive Bureau, alongside the presidents of the Liberal county councils and the mayoralties’ mayors, and will attend the opening of the conference “Europe’s Future: Outlooks of Contemporary Evolutions” at the Victor Papilian Medicine Faculty, and the debate “Civic Dialogue”, an event organised by the European Commission at the Ion Besoiu Centre.

On Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis will participate in the Summit of the European People’s Party (EPP) staged at the ASTRA Museum of Traditional People’s Civilisation. At the EPP summit, President Iohannis will hold joint press conferences with the EPP Chairman, Joseph Daul, with the President of the EPP Group with the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, and with the Chairman of the PNL, Ludovic Orban.


Iohannis explains why Dancila was not invited to Sibiu: There will be meetings only in European Council format; we meet here to work



On Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis explained why Premier Viorica Dancila was not invited to the EU summit in Sibiu, stating that each state has only one representative at this event, where the meetings will take place only in the European Council format, so that Romania will be represented by the Head of State. “There is no ill will, no ill will, it’s simply that the President’s place is here, in the European Council, and we are meeting here to work. (…) No strictly ceremonial events in which people would waste time are scheduled,” Iohannis said, adding that “whoever wants to take part in the fun side is invited to the concert in Main Square.”

“Each state has only one representative, and Romania’s constitutional architecture is such that the president of the country is Romania’s representative within the European Council. Me, in this case. Here, in Sibiu, there will only be meetings in the European Council format, no other event in a format other than the format of the European Council is scheduled. We issue invitations for the European Council only for the President of the European Parliament, who comes at the opening of the European Council and makes a presentation. This is the European Council’s custom. And these invitations are issued by the President of the European Council, by Mr Tusk,” Klaus Iohannis explained on Tuesday in Sibiu, where he verified the stage of the preparations for the May 9 summit.

He said that the meetings scheduled during the summit are a good thing, ceremonial events “in which people would waste time” not being scheduled.

“Consequently, the whole discussion is a bit artificial and stems from the fact that Romania’s constitutional architecture is not known very well. There is no ill will, no ill will, it’s simply that the President’s place is here, in the European Council, and we are meeting here to work on a very important thing, on the strategic agenda for the next mandate of the European institutions, we meet to give optimism, hope, to European citizens, now, on the verge of European elections. No strictly ceremonial events in which people would waste time are scheduled. We have a lot of work to do, to discuss in the European Council. Time is never enough for us and when we meet we discuss concretely, we discuss the items on the agenda,” he added.

Iohannis nevertheless pointed out that the general public can take part in a concert in Sibiu’s Main Square on May 9.

“The European Council in Sibiu is informal, it finalises without conclusions and without decisions, however it will finalise – I hope – with a so-called declaration, the Sibiu Declaration, which will tell Europeans the way we see the future, the way we want to go forward, the way we want all to show solidarity, the way we want to make the Union work better. And for the people of Sibiu, for the guests, and for anyone else who wants to take part, on May 9 the Sibiu City Hall will organise here, in the Square, and you can see it behind, a great concert for everyone. So, whoever wants to take part in the fun side is invited to the concert in the Main Square,” Iohannis stated.

He said that the dinner – which will take place in the inner courtyard of the Brukenthal Palace – is not a festive dinner.

“It’s a technical dinner. Of course, we will eat, it’s a dinner, but during the dinner we continue the talks started in the atrium. This is what working dinner means. So, we eat while we talk, but, of course, while it is a technical dinner a pleasant setting is appropriate, and I believe these very beautiful buildings we have in Sibiu will stand out even more if they draw the attention through such events,” Iohannis stated.

He said he appreciates the openness shown by the owners of the building and the leadership of the Museum for this collaboration.





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