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August 5, 2021

Ciolos, at electoral rally of the Alliance 2020 USR-PLUS in Timisoara: State doesn’t work at full potential, Parliament is ill-intentioned, President doesn’t have solutions

PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos on Sunday stated during the meeting of the Alliance 2020 USR-PLUS in Timisoara that the Romanian state doesn’t work at full potential, Parliament is ill-intentioned and the Romanian President doesn’t have any solutions to that, which “benefits both parties involved in the electoral campaign.”

“An ill-intentioned Parliament and a President without solutions place the state in a precarious balance, which benefits both parties in electoral terms. Missing from the equation are the citizens and the social interest. We are going to make a profound constitutional reform starting from these realities to consider the social interest. We have a politicized Constitutional Court a great part of our society lost trust in. Dragnea placed his people at the Constitutional Court too this week. The Constitutional Court must be unpoliticized. We must leave the dignitaries without the immunity shield, from behind which they mock the justice (…), and introduce the possibility of wealth confiscation,” said Dacian Ciolos.

He believes that the future Constitution of Romania must specify more clearly the governing responsibilities and that the president and the government must work together, for which the president needs, first of all, to make some decisions.

“When you nominate as heads of Government all the marionettes of someone like Dragnea, then you, as president, must take responsibility for that nomination. We will also create such mechanism needed to dissolve the Parliament, in certain situations. Parliament thinks at some point that the president was wrong and he must be suspended, OK, but if they lose in the referendum, then these people in Parliament who asked for the suspension of the president must respect the will of the people and they must step down instead. We live in a system where you cannot have snap elections. We will also change this,” added Ciolos.

The co-president of the Alliance 2020 brought to mind about the celebration this year by Romania of the 30th anniversary since the Anti-Communist Revolution, which was followed in 1990 by the Timisoara Proclamation, whose item 8, if adopted, would have been the equivalent of the “no convicts in public offices” slogan. A moment like that, with the same ideals, can be the moment of the May 26 election to the European Parliament and the referendum on defending the Justice, in which Romanians are called to say “yes.”

Dacian Ciolos also pointed out that what happened at the recent PSD (Social Democratic Party) meeting in Iasi showed thousands of people who are humiliated by the current power, who are trapped in poverty and misinformation, and who shouldn’t be marginalized, but on the contrary, the Alliance should get closer to them and accept them.

“Romania is torn apart by irresponsible politicians. We must repair these broken bridges. We must understand that these people who were tricked by the PSD are our brothers. They are Romanians like us. And we must bring them back among us and respect them, for they are ours. I don’t want to deepen the rift between us. I want a Romania for all Romanians. Do not be afraid! They know what is happening to them, but they don’t see how to come out of this PSD trap. We must bring them back. Stop booing them. It’s time we embrace them and help them escape the PSD trap,” he said.

The candidate of the Alliance 2020 USR-PLUS in the election to the European Parliament also said that the relation with the minorities in Romania too needs the same bridges worthy of the 21st century, especially the relation with the Hungarian minority, “which is now captive in a political system similar to that of the PSD.” “It’s time we break the artificial chains and walk together on a more honest, right path. We must overcome our fears and lack of trust that keep us apart. I assure you that we have nothing to be afraid of,” said Dacian Ciolos.

In his turn, the USR head, Dan Barna, said in his speech that, even if time cannot be turned back to activate Item 8 from the Proclamation of Timisoara, “instead, what we can do today is to make sure that the next generations won’t see their future stolen like we saw ours,” he said.

We had enough lies, incompetence, promises that will never happen. Every time, before the elections, the PSD and the other parties promised us motorways, but we still don’t have a motorway to link Timisoara and Bucharest or one to like the historical provinces of Romania. They promised us hospitals and did they make it? They did nothing. Today the hospitals are as dirty as always and medicaments as expensive as ever. They promised us better schools for the children and did they build it? Nothing. And today our children leave the country for better schools or a better pay. (…) But what did they do, in exchange, on August 10? They gassed us, they adopted the criminal codes in Parliament and they gave ordinances to take out the criminals out from prisons,” said the co-president of the Alliance 2020 Dan Barna.

The Alliance 2020 USR-PLUS on Sunday organised an electoral meeting in Timisoara, with the two co-chairmen, Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos, alongside all its candidates in the elections to the parliamentary elections.

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