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June 28, 2022

Dragnea, at war with imported vegetables, announces subsidies for cucumbers or fibsters : “Thermal power stations will be paid to ensure heating in solariums during winter”

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea announced on Sunday the extension of the subsidy program for tomatoes and other vegetables, including cucumbers and fibsters. Dragnea also stated that payment of the thermal power stations is taken into account to ensure heating in solariums during winter.

“We discussed about food products entering Romania. We established to have a record of what we import and export. For tomatoes, the difference was 1 to 10, and vegetable growers had no chance, because in this mafia deal, I could say, there were cases when people didn’t install solariums. We decided to grant subsidies and we started with EUR 1,300. Now we have 18,000 to 19,000 vegetable growers included in the program, and the number will increase. The program lasts 2 years and a half, and if it works, we’ll extend it. We decided we must cover winter period with Romanian products. For this, we will pay the thermal power stations from the state budget, to ensure heating in solariums or greenhouses. For the tomato growers, the subsidy will increase next year from EUR 3,000 to EUR 6,000”, Liviu Dragnea stated at the “Viata Satului” TV show from TVR, which was also attended by the Agriculture Minister Petre Daea.

Liviu Dragnea announced the extension of the subsidy program also for other vegetables.

“For this year, the period will be extended to June 1. For the tomatoes appearing starting from May 1, the subsidy will not be EUR 3,000 but 4,000. (…) We talked with farmers and they are right. I used to work in solarium and did all the kind of works in the field when I was a little boy. We decided that the program is very good for tomatoes, so we will double the subsidy. But for cucumbers. The decision taken was to extend it for pimento, hot pepper, fibsters, and the subsidy will be EUR 1,000 for them. I am asking all of them to be prepared until autumn comes, in order to fulfil the procedure and be included in the program. For those who will start to install solariums, I talked with Minister Teodorovici and the Prime Minister and we will issue a solution for supporting state loans for those who don’t have solariums. We have here a field with a lot of potential that hasn’t been used, unfortunately”, Dragnea added.

Liviu Dragnea also said that imported tomatoes must reach Romanians’ tables only if they are tasty.


“We can get out of the situation in which our wheat is taken abroad, made biscuits and brought back”


He also stated that Romania must get out of the situation in which wheat leaves the country and comes back as biscuits and said that one of the measures is 5% VAT for Romanian traditional products.




“We buy seedlings from abroad. We have well prepared researchers, why shouldn’t we support them? Why should we bring seedlings from Holland? (…) Speaking of subsidies. We cannot have only an island approach. We are here and don’t know what is happening in other countries. They receive higher subsidies there. Then I will ask the Government, starting from the next year, the tax on subsidies must be vital. This means higher income and the opportunity to compete in a proper manner. One of the objectives is to begin processing development here in Romania. We can get out of the current situation in which our wheat is taken abroad, made biscuits and brought back here. Why don’t we make them here? Since we can grant subsidies to farmers and eliminate the tax, why shouldn’t he make them here, produce them here, establish a micro factory?”, Liviu Dragnea stated at the TV show “Viata Satului”, at TVR.

PSD Chairman also spoke about the 5% VAT for the Romanian traditional products.

“We discussed again about the traditional products. The normative act is finalized now. VAT will be 5% for the Romanian traditional products. (…) 4 of them leave from here and 100 of them are foreign ones. 90,000 additional tons of tomatoes came through this program in 2018. It will increase every year, until the Romanian market will be covered by Romanian products. We cannot compare such a tomato with a tomato from the stores, which has no taste. I have also eaten (radishes – e.n.). It was 2016 and everybody was anxious because subsidies weren’t granted. They were delayed for 7 or 8 months. We decided that this is the first requirement. We started to grant subsidies in advance, which increased Romania’s agricultural production. It was thanks to the farmers, but the Government helped them, we gave them free water, timely subsidies and trust. If we give them these things, people get involved and invest, but if they don’t have trust, they don get involved because they lose money”, Dragnea added.



How can we eat Romanian carp brought from Spain? When I was a little boy, ponds were full of fish


PSD leader stated on Sunday that urgent measures must be taken in the fishery field, since Romanians are in the situation in which they buy Romanian carp grown in Spain, while our ponds remained deprived of care due to the lack of support through subsidies for producers.

“Another challenge, and you must speed up there, is the fishery field. Have you been to the Obor Market? How can we eat Romanian carp brought from Spain? There’s a great potential here. Unfortunately, nothing was done in the previous years. This is a very important source of income. Its weight within GDP has increased”, Liviu Dragnea stated at “Viata Satului”

“We barely reach 12,000 tons of fish. We used to get 60,000 tons of fish. We have Romanian carp grown by others (…) There’s no fish in Romania anymore. Fish must be cared, injections must be made to it, but here we’ve lost over the time the reason for which the objective of revitalizing the country is important”, Agriculture Minister Petre Daea added, being invite at the same TV show.

PSD Chairman also said that the main problem is related to water care.

“It grows in Hungary. Yes, for the next year, it has to be ready until the autumn. Why then? To include the funding in the budget. It’s a pity. I know that when I was a little boy ponds were full of fish. Hungary produces more fish than Romania (…) In the past, the Danube was full of sturgeons, for example. We don’t have them anymore. Well, why shouldn’t have them? Carp, phytophagus, zander, crucian. Waters remained the same, only the ponds are not cared, and no one helped them with subsidies to sell fish more advantageously”, Dragnea added at TVR.

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