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September 28, 2020

Dragnea: Iohannis is worse than Basescu. State institutions not reacting to aggressive anti-PSD groups because they are under Iohannis’s boot

Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea believes that President Klaus Iohannis is worse than Traian Basescu was and claims that if the truth about what the Head of State and his people did was to be revealed then nobody would be able to help them avoid being held accountable. Dragnea believes that state institutions are not reacting in the case of the aggressive anti-PSD groups because “they are under Iohannis’s boot, via his people.”

Dragnea stated on Sunday evening, on RomaniaTV, that President Iohannis is a “weak” and “perfidious” man who has done nothing of significance during his term in office.

“Iohannis is a weak but perfidious and desperate man, because after four and a half years in office he is unable to present any significant thing he has done, and he is increasingly desperate because the moment of truth at the presidential elections is coming, when he will get direct questions from people, regarding what he has done these five years, and he is now trying to invent scandal, hatred, he is trying to invent a topic that would help him garner support, just as he did in 2014,” Dragnea stated.

He claims that the Head of State authorised the actions against the PSD and the aggressions committed at the PSD rallies.

“Iohannis authorised everything. Nobody would have the courage to do such a thing, because these are crimes upon crimes, nobody would have the courage to do something like this unless they knew they were totally protected,” the PSD leader explained.

Asked why state institutions are not reacting, Dragnea said: “Because they are under Iohannis’s boot, via his people. It’s simple. What I’m saying now is harsh, painful, but this is the reality.”

Asked whether the Head of State controls the state authorities, the PSD leader said that Iohannis is worse than Traian Basescu was.

“Yes, of course. He is worse than Basescu was, I didn’t think I would end up saying this. He’s worse than Basescu was. We have started this process and very many abuses are coming to the surface, one after another, people are starting to talk, but the process is not finalised. The desperation is even greater because Iohannis and his people know that if the whole truth was to be revealed then nobody could no longer save them from being held accountable for what has happened in this country these years,” Liviu Dragnea added.


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