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November 23, 2022

PNL’s Orban: I kiss on cheek all people in Iasi with courage to come out against PSD

Chairman of the National Liberal Party ( PNL) Ludovic Orban stated on Saturday that the organization of the Liberals’ regional electoral rally in the Union Square in Iasi, around the statue of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, was not randomly chosen as it has ample historical connotations but also because it is the place where the May 9 counter-manifestation took place, against the Social Democratic Party (PSD) rally.

“Ceausescu’s communists united the courageous young people who have ridden us of the communist regime by taking to the streets, the hooligans. Iliescu [former Romanian president, sent to court by the military prosecutors in the “December 1989 Revolution criminal file” for crimes against humanity, ed.n.]’s communists united the beautiful and free young people who came to the University Square, the golani [rascals, the name given to protesters by ruling party, ed.n.]. Dragnea [PSD leader, ed.n]’s communists called those who came to the rally on August 10 thugs and junkies. Dragnea’s communists dared to come to Iasi and call the free people of Iasi who took to the streets again to protest against the misfortune brought upon Romania’s head by this clique of lowlifes who is mocking Romania, punks,” Ludovic Orban told the people who came on Saturday afternoon in the Union Square in Iasi at the electoral rally organized by PNL.

With regard to the rally organized by PSD on May 9, Ludovic Orban said that, like Cuza, he kisses on the cheeks the Romanians who “have the courage to respond to these people without virtue.”

“Alexandru Ioan Cuza, when Goodman Ion Roata came to him and complained about a boyer spitting in his face, kissed him on the cheek. I kiss on the cheek all the people of Iasi who had the courage to fight against the red plague and tell Dragnea that he has no place at Romania’s helm. I kiss on the cheeks all the Romanians who have the courage to respond to these people who lack honour, education and common sense and their 7 years at home [saying in Romania: a well-bred man is said to have had his ‘first seven years at home’, ed.n.] that they have to step down,” the PNL leader added.

He criticized PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, accusing him of lack of patriotism.

“What kind of patriot is Dragnea if he did not come on January 24 in Iasi alongside the people of Iasi and of Moldavia to celebrate the Union of the Principalities? What kind of patriot is Liviu Dragnea if on March 27 he did not set foot in Chisinau to celebrate the Centennial of the Union with Bessarabia? What kind of patriot is Dragnea and his clique if on November 28 they did not set foot in Bucovina to celebrate the Centennial of Bucovina’s Union with Romania? What kind of patriot is Liviu Dragnea who on December 1, 2018, when we celebrated 100 years since the Greater Union, did not set foot in Alba Iulia, the capital of the Union? They are not patriots, they are traitors of the nation and the country, and they are the people who want to destroy Romania. They are the people who want to keep us in servitude and servility. There is only one force to defeat the red plague. This force is PNL,” Orban said in his speech.

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