President Iohannis, at PNL rally in Iasi: Your vote, Romanians’ vote matters at 26 May elections. Dragnea on Iohannis’s presence at PNL rally: The fact he’s using the state’s cars for a personal and political interest, that’s an offence. He doesn’t observe the law

President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday called on people to vote on May 26 in a speech given at the National Liberal Party (PNL) electoral meeting in Iasi, referring to the need to rid the country from “criminals” perched at top of the state.”

“What do we do since we are in a country which is, we say, a European, democratic country? What should we do? We cannot use the same methods because we are not thieves, we are Romanians who want to move forward with our country. And then what do we do? It’s simple: you have to go to the polls. This vote, some say, the same who were here the day before yesterday and tried to humiliate you, at home, don’t worry, it didn’t come off. They are the ones who say, sirree, this thing with the elections, the referendum, just stories. They don’t matter, not the European Parliament elections, not the referendum, this is what that band trying to get hold of Romania is saying. Nothing could be further from the truth, your vote,  Romanians’ vote matters. The day before yesterday we had a summit at the heart of the country. We brought Europe to Romania. All the European leaders came to Romania, and then we learned something important and I want to say it today: in Europe, Romania matters. The Romanians’ vote matters. Our place is in Europe, you are Europe,” the head of state said in front of the few thousand people participating in the PNL meeting in the Union Square in Iasi.

He added that losing the independence of justice means losing Romania’s chances of having motorways, hospitals and schools.

The president went on to say that the issue of the rule of law in Romania has become very complicated because “we have an offender who has perched at the top of the state” and others “have some prosecutors on their trail.”

“We have a problem over the past two and a half years when we talk about justice, rule of law and, more recently, the problem has become very complicated because we have a criminal who has perched at the top of the state. This can’t be! And you, and those behind me, and I want simple things in Romania, a fair justice, an independent justice, nothing complicated. It’s just that they do not want this because they have little issues. Some are somewhat convicted, others have some prosecutors on their trail, and then they surely say, ‘Sirree, why don’t we climb at the top of the state and bend the laws. My dears, it’s sad but true, that’s exactly what PSD [the Social Democratic Party] is doing. For two and a half years they have been trying to bend the laws Not for you … Rest assured! (…) Only for themselves so that they can get away. If we lose the independence of justice, if we lose fair justice, then we lose the chance for motorways, then lose the chance for hospitals, we also lose the chance to have schools and kindergartens for our children, then we start to lose money. After all, if we let them ruin our country, then, dear ones, it’s not them who will pay. We will pay. Romanians will pay. That’s why I’m telling you: this cannot be! “the President stated, addressing the PNL members and supporters.

Attending the PNL rally in Iasi were also the party leader, Ludovic Orban, the party first vice-chair, Raluca Turcan, the secretary general, Robert Sighiartau, the candidates for the elections to the European Parliament Rares Bogdan, Theodor Stolojan, Siegfried Muresan, the head of the Suceava County Council, Gheorghe Flutur and other representatives of the Liberal leadership.


“Social Democrats are talking nonsense about summit; chief lawbreaker says I represent foreign interests”


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday in Iasi that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) representatives “are talking nonsense about the summit and accuse him of representing foreign interests, adding that the current government “has completely different priorities, other interests than the Romanians,” which is why Romania is confronted with numerous issues and obstacles.

“The Social Democrats are talking nonsense about the summit, where nobody invited them, for good reason. The current governance has, for two and a half years, entirely different priorities, other interests than the Romanians. As a consequence of this disastrous governance, Romania is confronted with numerous obstacles which, we have to admit that, momentarily, impede us to use, to fully capitalise on these European projects. By the way, interests. I turn on a news station and I learn there that one person, a chief lawbreaker, the chief of lawbreakers, I don’t know what combination is best, says that ‘Iohannis represents foreign interests. Not good. Let’s see a little about these interests,” Iohannis stated in a speech he delivered at the Education Forum.

The head of state underscored that Romanians want education, motorways, regional hospitals and he believes that it’s necessary for him to represent these interests.

“So, for instance, if we are talking about education, the Romanians’ interest is to have a quality education. It is my interest, too, and I represent it, I admit, I represent the interest of Romanians who want quality education. They say that some Romanians want motorways. Me too. I represent the interest of Romanians who want motorways. The word is that there are Romanians who want hospitals. Yes, I, too want new, modern hospitals for Romania and, yes I admit, it is my interest and that of the majority of Romanians to have new hospitals. But the PSD isn’t interested in education, they don’t even talk about motorways, the regional hospitals were good up until the 2016 electoral campaign, since then it’s over. Therefore, education, motorways, hospitals are not the PSD’s interest interests, but they are the Romanians’ interests and they are my interests,” President Klaus Iohannis stated.


“Social Democrats should get a response after two years of failure, they will get it on 26 May”


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday at the Education Forum event organised in Iasi that “after two and a half years of failures and failed governance,” the Social Democrats should get a response and they will get it in the elections to the European Parliament on 26 May.

“In a few days we have the elections to the European Parliament and (…) a referendum which I convened because it had to be. After two and a half years of failures and failed governance the Social Democrats should get a response and, now, they will get it. Some people say that the elections to the European Parliament or the referendum doesn’t really matter, they are something easy, to warm up for the spring. ‘That, in fact, we know better what to do, as if only we know everything, namely we, the Social Democrats, know everything and everybody else should stay home and mind their business.’ Precisely that is why we have elections, because that’s not like that and education is a very good example on how the European efforts if taken over by competent politicians can really made a difference between the pupils’ and students’ and teaches’ everyday life,” President Iohannis stated.

He added that “those who lead destinies do it as they were reporting the weather.”

“We are talking about education – here, you know that joke – education, agriculture and weather, everybody is good at it, but the ones who institutionally lead destinies do it as they were reporting the weather. I am very glad that I reached a debate here, with you, with people who really know what we are talking about, when  say the ‘educated Romania’ phrase,” President Klaus Iohannis also stated.


President Iohannis releases  his book called “EU.RO – An open dialogue about Europe”: Socialist PMs met in Sibiu; PSD wasn’t invited, nobody wants to see them


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday in Iasi that, at the meeting in Sibiu of the European Socialist Prime Ministers, prior to the Summit of the European Council, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) wasn’t invited “because nobody wanted to see them.”

“The Sibiu Summit – people, some people accused me of not inviting X and Y, to do what? At the European Council meeting there was one seat, one man, in this case [it was] me for Romania, because I get involve for the Romanians. The story goes on, usually, prior to such meetings which are called Summit or the European Council, the political groups carry out their meetings in view of preparing for the Summit. That is how I went to the EPP [the European People’s Party], where I met the EPP leaders. We discussed, we analysed how we can contribute in a positive and concrete way to building a good future plan for Europe, because the Summit in Sibiu was about that. In the same way, the Socialists met, the Socialist Prime Ministers met in Sibiu. Guess who didn’t get invited? The PSD wasn’t invited. Guess why? Because they don’t matter in Europe,” President Klaus Iohannis stated at the release of his book called “EU.RO – An open dialogue about Europe.”

He added that not inviting the PSD at the meeting in Sibiu of the Socialist PMs “represents the biggest slap given to a party.”

“To carry out a meeting prior to the Summit and them not to get invited? Because nobody wants to see them, what to discuss with them? About how Dragnea attacks the justice in Romania, how he wants to clean his criminal cases? Who needs that? The rule of law is the foundation of the EU. Without a rule of law there is no EU. (…) The rule of law simply means that – the law is the law. This is what is written in our Constitution, but not everybody reads it and some people try to bend it, we are at that stage with some lawbreakers at the helm of the state who try to bend the independence of justice, to politicise it, to their benefit,” the head of state said.

Iohannis continued by calling on the people to vote on 26 May. “If you are interested in our European future, go to vote and tell others who perhaps are not very interested, yet. We need to send people who represent the Romanians’ will, good people who understand how Europe works. How can one send a Social Democrat who shows up at the rally in Iasi and says that Europe harms Romania – how to send him/her in Brussels, to say what? That Europe harms Romania? People look at him/her and move on, if they take a look at him/her,” Iohannis pointed out.

In his view, the Romanians didn’t get to the EU by mistake. “We wanted inside the EU, in Europe, because we wanted to get there (…) We wanted and we got to Europe just to wake up today with a lawbreaker at the helm of the state who told us, just a few hours ago that: ‘Iohannis called his chiefs, masters in Sibiu.’ This is what they understood out of it. It’s a shame, because Iohannis called the chiefs of Europe in Sibiu because we, too are pro-Europeans and we proved it,” the President stated.

He added that Romania has good specialists in Brussels. “We did our job well, but, back home, we do bad. They attack, we don’t, they attack justice, attack the independence of justice and, instead of capitalising this sensational opportunity of being taken into account in Europe as we should, the Social Democrats led us into the discussion about the rule of law, about the future of democracy in Romania. Now, at popular gatherings, the chief lawbreaker or the chief of lawbreakers, depends how you want look at it, starts to attack the EU, as if it would hurt us. What a nonsense! As we were all stupid. The PSD attacks our welfare, attacks our Romania. We want to be Europeans, if they want something else, then, they should withdraw and leave us to do our jobs as we know better,” President Klaus Iohannis concluded.


Dragnea on Iohannis’s presence at PNL rally: The fact he’s using the state’s cars for a personal and political interest, that’s an offence. He doesn’t observe the law


Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea has accused President Klaus Iohannis of using the referendum in order to support the Liberals, thus failing to observe the law. Dragnea has also accused Iohannis of using the state’s services to engage in electioneering.

“It’s a typical Iohannis move. He isn’t campaigning for the referendum. In fact, he wanted to trick the people. The fact that he is using the state’s cars for a personal and political interest, that’s an offence after all, but I don’t believe it’s Iohannis’s first, nor his last. He doesn’t observe the laws, the Constitution. He is mocking anything. Only the personal interest takes precedence for him. Of course, all SPP agents, all snipers should remain hidden so that nothing happens to the dictator,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Antena3.


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