Code Yellow warning for heavy rains in 7 counties

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued on Tuesday a Code Yellow warning for significant quantities of precipitations in seven counties, valid from Tuesday, 18:00hrs, to Wednesday, 10:00hrs, as well as an accentuated atmospheric instability advisory for the rest of the country, valid on Tuesday, 15:00hrs, until Friday, 10:00hrs.

According to the meteorologists, the following counties will be under Code Yellow of rains: Mehedinti, Gorj, Valcea, Dolj, Caras Severin, Timis and locally, Hunedoara county, where rainfalls will be reported and, in short intervals or through accumulation, amounts of water that will exceed 25 l / sqm and in restricted areas 40-60 l / mp will be recorded.

The weather advisory refers to most of the country, where the periods with accentuated atmospheric instability will materialise in heavy rains, frequent electric discharges, wind intensifications, storms and hailstorms. The water quantities will exceed 15-25 l / sqm in short intervals or through accumulation, and isolatedly 40 l / sqm.

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