Sephardic Culture Days in Bucharest

On May 14, 15 and 16, the “Goldstein Goren” Center of the University of Bucharest and Cervantes Institute, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Romania and Red de Juderías de España, in partnership with the Embassy of Argentina in Romania, organize, at the Cervantes Institute (38 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, Bucharest), the sixth edition of the Sephardic Culture Days in Bucharest.

This year, the event, which is already traditional in the Romanian cultural space, will benefit from the presence of some prestigious personalities in the study of the Sephardic culture, and will take place according to the following schedule:


Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at 18.00, the Exhibition Room of the Cervantes Institute


The opening of the exhibition called Discover Sefarad, a photo exhibition with pictures from 18 Spanish cities with a rich Sephardic culture heritage. The exhibition is carried out in partnership with Red de Juderías de España (The Network of Cities with Sephardic Heritage in Spain – the Sephardic Route).


E.S. Dl. Manuel Larrotcha – the Spanish Ambassador in Romania;

Rosa María Moro de Andrés – the Director of the Cervantes Institute of Bucharest;

Univ. Lecturer Dr. Felicia Waldman – the “Goldstein Goren” Center, University of Bucharest;

Marta Puig (photo) – Manager of Red de Juderías (Spain)

After the opening, the Auditorium Hall of Instituto Cervantes will host a Ladino Music Recital held by Liat Farris-Twaina, accompanied by pianist Ileana Avram, narrator – Cornelia Ioana Clej.

The photo exhibition “Descubre Sefarad” (May 14 – June 30), carried out with the support of Red de Juderías de España, presents pictures from 18 Spanish cities with a rich Sephardic heritage. The exhibition consisting of 20 photos of the today’s Spanish neighborhoods, is accompanied by a small catalogue available in Romanian, as well as by a corner where visitors can enjoy several titles in Spanish and Ladino languages.

Red de Juderías de España    The Network of Jewish Neighborhoods in Spain – Sefarad is a nonprofit public association aiming at protecting and preserving the urban, architectural, historical, artistic and cultural Sephardic heritage from Spain, developing cultural and tourist projects, as well as national and international exchanges of experience. Being founded in 1995, it includes 18 cities: Avila, Barcelona, Caceres, Calahorra, Córdoba, Estella, Hervas, Jaén, Leon, Monforte de Lemos, Oviedo, Plasencia, Ribadavia, Segovia, Tarazona, Toledo and Tudela. At European level, the Network is a founding member of AEPJ (the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage), with which it collaborates for developing the European Route of Jewish Heritage.


Wednesday, May 15, at 18.00, the Auditorium Hall


Round table: The Sephardic Heritage in Europe

Attended by:

– Paloma Díaz Mas – Research Professor at CSIC (Superior Council for Scientific Research of Spain);

Leah Davcheva / Director of the Center for Intercultural Education and Research “Aha Moments”, Sofia (Bulgaria);

José Antonio Lisbona – historian, political scientist (Spain)

Moderator: Univ. Lecturer Dr. Felicia Waldman – the Goldstein Goren Center, University of Bucharest.

The event will benefit from simultaneous translation.


Thursday, May 16, at 18.00, the Auditorium Hall


The Sephardic Jews and the Jewish community beyond the Atlantic, in theater and film

Film screenings in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Romania

The following documentary movies will be screened:

En busca de Sefarad (Looking for the Sephardic Jews), directed by Carina Gurovitz and Paula Castiglioni, Argentina, 2017, 44 minutes, original version – Spanish, subtitled in English.

El teatro Idish en Argentina, directed by Uri Gordon, leading actor – Moistes Berko Jablkowski, Argentina, 1991, 27 minutes, original version – Spanish and Yiddish, subtitled in Romanian.

Attended by:

Dl. Carlos María Vallarino – Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Romania

Dr. Renée Jablokowski – Counselor for Education of CEP / The Educational Center for Participation (Argentina)

Dr. Tomás Leivi – Coordinator of the Department of Psychoanalysis and Human Rights, CEP, Argentina


Access is free, depending on the number of free seats, booking can be done at the e-mail address:





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