ALDE MEP Norica Nicolai to Timmermans: When will you stop playing this political game with the Members States with no responsibility?

ALDE MEP Norica Nicolai addresses an open letter to the First Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, in which she accuses him of playing a political game with the Member States with no responsibility.

“Dear Mister Frans Timmermans, running for the head of the European Commission, being a European Commissioner and First Vice President of the European Commission, Who is threatening Romania with the activation of Article 7? I will begin my letter with this question. First of all, although the integrity rules of the European Commissioner have been changed recently to allow you, in you position, and your fellows in the Commission candidate, which by the way is a questionable gesture, I would like, considering the long letter sent to the Romanian media and institutions, to know the answer to my question above, mentioning the capacity in which you will answer to me: the candidate Frans Timmermans, or the Commissioner Frans Timmermans”, Norica Nicolai wrote.

She says Timmermans must necessarily clarify this issue, since the Guideline on the Ethical Standards for the Participation of the members of the European Commission in the Electoral Campaign, adopted by the EC on February 6, 2019, the European commissioners running in elections have a number of obligations to distance the institutional speech from the electoral speech and to avoid using the resources of the Commission for their own electoral interest.

“If there would be a rule of law applicable to the European Commission, right now you would be in a grey area, but unfortunately you haven’t provided a «nuclear solution» for this kind of situations. Secondly, your immature gesture reminded me, in fact, of another gesture made in the electoral campaign by another politician who was desperate to reach as many votes as possible, namely David Cameron, whose populist and irresponsible referendum led his own country and the entire European Union to a blockage from which we are unable to escape for several years. Haven’t you learned anything from that?”, the ALDE MEP added.

“In conclusion, since I know you are busy gaining notoriety for yourself and your party, therefore you don’t have time to understand the situation in Romania (actually, you’ve never had time for this, so why would you have time now?), I just want you to ask yourself this when you look in the mirror: when will you stop playing this political game with the Member States with no responsibility, when will you stop acting in a superior manner and with self-contentment that are specific to people ascended on a pedestal?  When will you try to understand that the European Union is a “union in diversity”, a Union of citizens, and not of political families and double standard or of developed countries against the less developed countries? Stop this behavior before destroying what remained from this so generous project which is the European Union. Don’t bury it!”, Norica Nicolai ends her letter.

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