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October 2, 2022

New Code Yellow advisory for heavy rains and accentuated atmospheric instability. Local authorities, MAI employees ready to intervene in context of weather advisories extending

The National Weather Administration on Thursday issued a new code yellow warning for t-storms in seven counties and the mountain area in five other counties, valid from Thursday, 12:00hrs until Friday, 06:00hrs, extending raising weather instability for the rest of the country until Sunday at 10:00hrs.

Under code yellow of heavy showers will be the counties of Gorj, Valcea, Arges, Dambovita, Olt, Teleorman and Giurgiu, as well as the mountain areas of the counties of Prahova, Brasov, Sibiu, Alba and Hunedoara. Heavy rain showers, thunder, wind intensification, storm and hail are to be expected. Precipitation will exceed 25 l/sq.m., and even 40-50 l / sq.m in isolated areas.

According to the meteorological information, most of the country should expect unstable weather that will manifest as heavy rain showers, frequent thunder strikes, wind picking up speed temporarily, storms and hail.

Precipitation will exceed 15 – 25 l/sq.m. and even 35 – 40 l/sq.m. in short periods of time or by accumulation.


Local authorities, MAI employees ready to intervene in context of weather advisories extending


Local authorities representatives and Interior Ministry employees will monitor the situation on the field in view of a speedy intervention in the context of extending, until Sunday morning, the weather warnings regarding atmospheric instability in most parts of the country, as well as rising flows of rivers beyond the admissible limits, Interior Ministry (MAI) spokesperson Monica Dajbog said on Thursday.

“The river courses where there is a flooding risk will be monitored and, if necessary, the people whose homes are in floodable areas will be preventively evacuated. If the flows are to increase on certain water courses, we call on citizens not to cross the rivers through water and not approach their shores. The people residing in the areas where warnings were issued should take steps to clean the trenches and drainage gutters in order to facilitate normal drainage of rainwater,” Dajbog stated.

According to the MAI official, although code red referring to the danger of increased river levels for the following basins Somesul Mare, Sieu, Iza and Viseu has expired, a code yellow has been issued for the same area and for the upper basin of Glodeni and Niraj in the Harghita and Mures counties.

The MAI recommends citizens to closely follow up the authorities’ announcements and respect their indications, so that risk situations be avoided, and drivers shall inform ahead about the weather when intending to go on road.

In case of powerful wind, the MAI conveys to the population to remain in closed spaces, which ensure protection and avoid walking in areas with trees, billboards or electricity poles which might fall.

Pieces of information about how to behave in case of emergencies, as well as other useful data about dangerous hydro-meteorological phenomena can be obtained through the application of the Emergency Situations Department, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and AppStore, Dajbog mentioned.

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