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September 26, 2020

PSD’s Dragnea: Topic of government reshuffle closed until after European elections. PSD has permanently voiced its support for referendum questions

Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday in Dolj that for him the topic of a government reshuffle is closed until after the 26 May European elections.

Asked whether he will accept for the prime minister to send new proposals of ministers to the president, Dragnea said: “The topic of the reshuffle for me is closed today. We will discuss after the elections.”

A decision on the future structure of the Government will be made at the next meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee, but the reshuffle option will most likely not be changed, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday in a visit to Prahova County.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said on 12 May that the only option for replacing some ministers in the Dancila Cabinet is the Government’s restructuring by Parliament’s vote because the head of state will not give the Prime Minister any answer to the reshuffle.

“I wish good luck to Mrs. Dancila, I do not think she will receive an answer from Iohannis. He does not respect anything. When she decides the reshuffle through Parliament, it will happen. It is the only option [governmental restructuring with a vote in Parliament],” Dragnea said on Sunday at private TV broadcaster Antena 3.


” PSD has permanently voiced its support for referendum questions”


SocDem leader said on Thursday that the party has “permanently” expressed its support for the questions of the May 26 referendum and pointed out that those causing problems are actually President Klaus Iohannis, the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR).

Asked if the PSD has made a decision on whether to vote in the referendum or not, Dragnea argued that claims that the Social Democrats are boycotting the referendum are a lie.

“Where did you get this from, that we would be boycotting? That’s a lie. The PSD has permanently said that we support the referendum questions. Those having issues with the referendum are [President] Iohannis on the one hand, he has no idea about the questions, he wasn’t interested, and on the other hand those taking issue are USR and PNL, because if they come to the rule they will want to amend the laws of justice by emergency ordinance. So these are those lying about the referendum, we support the questions,” Dragnea said while on a trip to Dolj County.

Asked if he would advise his party colleagues to vote in the referendum, Dragnea said he no longer wants to talk on the subject.

“The Romanian Intelligence Service has notified the General Prosecutor’s Office about me planning to boycott the referendum and call on people not to turn out to vote, just to build another criminal case against me. I don’t want to talk about the referendum anymore. When I urged the world to come to vote in 2012, I got sentenced. The law states that any form of preventing voters to turn out is a boycott, you prevent them from coming to the referendum and that’s a crime. However, no one noticed that the USR and not just them have boycotted the referendum on family, urging people not to cast their vote. Let everyone go and vote as their conscience tells them and let them decide on their own if they vote or not,” Dragnea said.


PSD Chairman, on Iohannis’ reasons for rejecting three ministerial proposals: Mockery


Liviu Dragnea also said on Thursday that Klaus Iohannis’ reasons for rejecting the three ministerial proposals are a “mockery”.

“Bad arguments, mockery. A president who does not even know the questions addressed to the Romanian people called to referendum cannot be suspected of very much intelligence when inventing some reasons to turn down some ministers, Dragnea said referring to the reasons why the head of state rejected the appointment of Eugen Nicolicea as Justice minister; Liviu-Tit Brailoiu as minister for Romanians Abroad and Oana Florea as European Funds minister.

Dragnea mentioned that official data show that Romania has an economic growth of 5pct.

“Official internal data and Eurostat data show that Romania recorded a 5pct, 5.1pct growth, the second-largest in the EU. Of course they are angry. Remember how they said that Romania would not grow. The Fiscal Council estimated an increase of less than 4pct, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, rating agencies – 3 pct, the European Commission – 3.3 pct but the reality and the results of our programme show that Romania is thriving,” Dragnea mentioned on a visit to Dolj County.

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday sent Prime Minister Viorica Dancila the letters on PM’s picks for justice minister, minister for Romanians abroad and minister of European funds – Eugen Nicolicea, Liviu-Tit Brailoiu and Oana Florea, respectively – indicating that the three do not have the expertise required to manage these areas.



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