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May 7, 2021

Czech Republic + Romania = The exhibition Made in CZ / Found in RO from Brasov

After an open call launched two years ago for objects produced in Czechoslovakia and found in Romanians’ houses, the Bucharest Czech Center organized the exhibition Made in CZ / Found in RO, in order to illustrate the friendship and the economic and trade relationships between the two countries in the last 100 tears. Consisting of a variety of household objects – furniture, utensils or decorations -, the collection attests the popularity of the Czechoslovak product design, as well as the route of these objects until they reached the Romanian households.

Initially opened at the Bucharest National Theater between October and December 2017, the exhibition Made in CZ / Found in RO brings together 92 objects illustrating the product design, whose popularity has exceeded Czechoslovakia’s borders. The Czechoslovak Home catalogue, published by the Czech Center with the support of the Czech Embassy, providing additional information on the objects “made in CZ” and “found in RO” that are part of the collection, will be launched during the exhibition held at the Brasov County History Museum, which will open on May 17, starting at 18.00.


The presence of these objects in Romanians’ houses is a proof of the close relationships between Czechoslovakia and Romania after the World War I and during the Socialist period. After a number of economic and social reforms that facilitated the export of certain categories of products, or even their purchase in personal travels, many Czechoslovak objects gained an iconic statute over the time.

Either being owned in their original form or serving as a source of inspiration for household objects produced later in our country, any visitor will have the opportunity to identify familiar objects found in the memory of many Romanians. If we see the house as an ideal presentation space for the objects inside, the exhibits can be classified in six main sections, as in the Czechoslovak Home catalogue.

Each one of these objects remind of a room or a way to use them, such as: bathroom, kitchen, workshop, living room, office and leisure. Each category includes objects that are specific for the corresponding space, from home appliances and furniture to work tools, chemical products and decorative objects.

The Czech Ambassador to Romania Vladimir Války, stated: “When I started my diplomatic career in Bucharest, 35 years ago, I often saw objects like those we can see at this exhibition and in the catalogue. Today, I see mainly the Skoda cars or the Czech beer Staropramen or Pilsner Urquell. Of course I like it. I would like such products made in the Czech Republic be found in an increasing number in Romania, today, and vice versa. This could be a challenge for the Czech and Romanian entrepreneurs and businessmen. It would definitely be beneficial for both of the countries”. The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 17, starting at 18.00, at the Brasov County History Museum, and it will be open until September 30, 2019.

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