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December 5, 2022

Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International: I take pride in saying that MediHelp International is now the leading private health insurance provider in Central Eastern Europe

Congratulations on your 20-year anniversary of working here! What has your journey been like since you established your business in the ‘90s?

Indeed, it has been twenty years since I was at a crossroads in my professional life and I wanted to try something new in a country that seemed very promising, with an expanding market and where I had the chance to develop with the economy. Romania seemed the safest choice, a country with many intelligent people, with a high level of education and a huge potential for growth. Fortunately, it seems I was right, as that is exactly what has happened.

During these 20 years, MediHelp has transformed from a local company into an international one, having as its core business in the provision of private health insurance plans only. Why have you only offered private health insurance and not other types of insurance?

That is an excellent question that I have been asked many times over the years. I take pride in saying that MediHelp International is now the leading private health insurance provider in Central Eastern Europe. We have offices in Romania, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, and with top medical partners, we can provide our clients with access to the best international clinics and hospitals primarily because we decided to concentrate solely on private health insurance.

All our team members have excellent professional backgrounds, and they successfully assist our clients and partners to benefit from having access to a network of more than 425.000 private clinics worldwide. Looking back over the twenty years since it all began and thinking of all the challenges I have overcome, I am very proud and content that I chose to create MediHelp and to build an international company which could guarantee our clients access to premium healthcare services all over the world.

Private health insurance has become a very important topic lately. More and more people want quality medical services. How does private health insurance help company employees?

You are right, private health insurance is a topic more and more people are now focusing on. Being healthy is a prerequisite for a good life, and this is why we offer companies private health insurance plans for their employees. This topic is extremely important nowadays because employees now look beyond a salary when considering what a company has to offer them should they choose to work there. This is why companies have to include more benefits in their compensation and benefits packages, and when private health insurance is included, this offers additional peace of mind that an employee is often looking for.

Companies want their staff to be able to concentrate fully on their work and not to be distracted by worries over what might happen to them if they become ill. Our health insurance plans for companies enable its employees to take care of their immediate family too. With a network of 425.000 private medical clinics worldwide at the disposal of every insured person, this means every employee and all members of their immediate family have instant access to the very best in private healthcare, no matter where they are located at the time, or where they originally come from.

Private health insurance from MediHelp covers the costs for all aspects of modern healthcare. Some of the most important aspects we cover and which insured persons benefit from include routine medical care, wellness tests, complex surgeries, advanced imaging services, dental treatment in case of an accident, cancer treatment, organ transplantation, terrestrial and air ambulance services; the list goes on….

Private health insurance has so many benefits, whether provided to a company and all its employess, or to a private individual seeking insurance just for themself and their immediate family.



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