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April 17, 2021

Tariceanu urges voters not to take ballot papers for referendum: The referendum is a diversion through which the President is stealing the start for the presidential election

Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE)) Calin Popescu Tariceanu on Saturday communicated to the organizations of the party he leads to urge citizens not to take the ballots for the referendum, as that is tantamount to turnout at the polls.

”Warning! The clear message to the organizations is that the voters do not take the ballot papers either, because taking the ballots is tantamount to turnout and the validation of the referendum. We have to show that we are not so naive that we do not understand these maneuvers (…) We intend to boycott this referendum and the fact that there is a democratic deficit, a lack of knowledge of the way the European institutions work and their role. (…) Instead of having focused on a debate that should have highlighted the major topics we have to uphold in the EP, what role our MPs have, what mission we are giving them, this discussion is insufficient and a parasitic theme happens to come along,” Tariceanu said.

At the same time, he showed that, despite the recommendations of the European and Venice commissions not to parasitize with “another kind of electoral confrontation,” Klaus Iohannis comes with this “diversion” to “steal the start” of the campaign for the presidential election.

“The referendum is a diversion through which the president has tried to enter the election campaign for the elections to the European Parliament, in which he would otherwise have not had any right or role. He is thus stealing the start for the presidential election, for the presidential campaign. (…) I think everyone realizes that this is a formula through which he is trying to sell us some sort of expired product,” Tariceanu said.


“EP, not gathering of nuns, but place where interests clash”


ALDE leader stated on Saturday in Botosani that the European Parliament “is not a gathering of nuns, but “a place where interests clash.”

Tariceanu states that Romania must be placed on the same footing as other European countries, stressing that all ALDE MEPs will have the mission to promote Romania’s image and defend its interests.

“Surely the European Parliament is not a gathering of nuns. It is a place where interests clash. All countries know how to promote their interests and defend them. This is what I would like my colleagues to do so that Romania is not considered as it is now, a second rank country. I want Romania to be considered on the same footing with the other European countries. We are their equals,” said the ALDE leader.

He argued that there are Romanian MEPs who “denigrate” Romania’s image in the European Parliament.

“In the European Parliament, the decisions that are being made have begun to target our everyday lives, but I wouldn’t want us to go to the European Parliament with a bent backbone. I want us to go with our heads held high to show Europe just as Romania is, a rich country, a country with diligent people, a country that is worthy of their respect. I am very sad that some of those who represent Romania in the European Parliament today only denigrate Romania, slander the country and the people they represents there. I believe we are the only ones to pull such a number in the European Parliament. I have not seen any other MP from another European country to go there and speak ill of their own country and their own people,” added the ALDE leader.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu urged the members of the party he is leading to show, through the result of the elections to the European Parliament, that ALDE is a force, so that the party has chances both in the presidential elections and in the local and parliamentary elections.

“If you want us to achieve a good result in the presidential race, if you want me to have a real chance in the presidential race and if you want next year to have as many representatives as possible in the local power structures, at the level of the County Council, president, vice president, county advisors, mayors and advisors in mayoralties, then let’s show in this competition that is due in eight days that we are indeed a force,” Tariceanu concluded.

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