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April 12, 2021

Dragnea, at PSD rally in Targoviste: The biggest mute in Romanian politics has started to make a ruckus. Iohannis has built the industry of hatred. This man can’t love his country

After President Klaus Iohannis harshly criticised the Social Democratic Party and its leader at the National Liberal Party (PNL) rally in Bucharest on Saturday, on Sunday it was Liviu Dragnea’s turn to launch new virulent attacks against the Head of State.

In the speech he gave at the PSD rally in Targoviste on Sunday, Dragnea said that President Klaus Iohannis is the biggest mute in Romanian politics and he has now started to make a ruckus, adding that Iohannis has built the industry of hatred and division between Romanians, and that the Head of State cannot love his country.

The PSD leader stated at the party rally in Targoviste that Iohannis does not have a national project or any good intentions toward Romania.

“Lately, I have heard – and you too have heard – how the biggest mute that Romanian politics has given has started to make a ruckus. Do you think Iohannis has something to say? Do you think he has any national project? Do you think he has any project, any good intentions toward Romania? He doesn’t, folks. He and his people are making a ruckus to cover a sound that is starting to be heard ever louder. It’s the sound of economic growth, it’s the sound made by the engines of industry and agriculture,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader stated that Iohannis has built the industry of hatred and division between Romanians.

“Iohannis has achieved something in the industrial sector too. The industry of hatred. Hatred between Romanians, division and war between Romanians. Because this man cannot love his country. Do you think that even though Romanian institutes, foreign institutions have shown that Romania’s economic growth is the second-highest in Europe, for the third year, economic growth of more than 5 per cent, an average net salary of more than RON 3,000… Why do you think they – Iohannis and his people – keep talking about false figures? Because they would want Romania to fare badly just so that the PSD wouldn’t be right,” Dragnea stated.


“Wrongful laws had to be changed, to have each person benefit proper justice”


The amendments by the parliamentary majority to the laws of justice were brought to change “the wrongful laws” and for “Romania to enjoy justice and each person benefits a proper justice”, the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea said on Sunday in southern Targoviste.

“Yes, we amended laws because we had to change the wrongful law, to make justice in Romania and each person benefit a proper justice without any decisions given at the command of (president, ed. n.) Iohannis or the Securitate (former political police during Ceausescu era, ed. n.) people, because each and every Romanian has this right, as it is the rule of each European in their country. Yes, we started to expose the sinister political police machinery that has been erected in this country and has attained its climax with Iohannis’s help and we will ruin it, my fellow nationals,” Liviu Dragnea said at the PSD electoral meeting in Targoviste.

He asserted that the president doesn’t even deserve to be hooted.

“We have decided to halt the abuse of the force institutions and put the secret services within their constitutional layer. Each and everyone in Romania must do what the Constitution says. We’ve started to give the country’s army what any NATO army has. We are kicking bureaucracy off the administration because we want to make it simpler all procedures so that we should not wait for years to start an investment. We have commenced to remove all hindrances from the public system that were blocking a motorway. And, to give an example of why a motorway was not completed for years, because a cave was populated with 7 bats and the bats were not there, in another part because the bears had to have their path where they never put foot for 41 – 42 years. Because of all this, we could not make motorways. Next week, on Wednesday the Craiova – Pitesti motorway kicks off works, and also next week the last procedures for the Ploiesti – Brasov motorway begin,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader added that the current ruling coalition wishes to continue the investment in agriculture.

“Nowhere else is there a richer land than ours. The yield we are proud of are carried out by the Romanians, only that the PSD Gov’t did two things: it gave them the subsidies upfront and it gave them confidence to work in agriculture, and the outcome is there, because the land is the same, the weather is the same, too. (…) The yield we have got, the healthy food that begins to cluster in the stores is your merit, the merit of those who work, and it will never be the merit of those who swear, who lie, who hoot, and are violent. Romania will never develop with the bat, as (PNL leader, ed. n.) Orban says, as the (Save Romania Union, ed. n.) USR say, as Iohannis says,” Liviu Dragnea concluded

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