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May 6, 2021

UDMR’s Kelemen Hunor: Permanent threshold is a problem to us

To attain the 5pct threshold in election is a permanent problem to the Union, on Sunday said in northern Satu Mare the president of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor, considering that the Hungarian community in Romania counts for 6.3pct.

“The threshold is to us a permanent problem, because in Romania only 6.3pct of the population is Hungarian, according to the statistical data. It is about an ethnic vote. We find that too many Hungarian do not vote the Romanian parties, nor the Romanians vote us either. It happened before, it still happens, but not with the hundreds of thousands, unfortunately for us. It would be good to have some votes cast by the Romanians too. It depends on the mobilisation. We are interested in a good mobilisation, to be as good as it is at the Romanians, and then it is no problem at all,” Kelemen Hunor told a press conference.

He added that the sociological researches on 1,000 persons are not quite exact, as maximum 70 Hungarian ethnics are included there.

Eventually, Kelemen Hunor said the goal of the UDMR is to grab at least two mandates in the European Parliament.


Photo: Gönczy Tamás

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