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September 18, 2019

Ciolos: Liviu Dragnea and the PSD are starting to behave as if they are on their estate, and to believe they have the right to detain anyone

Dacian Ciolos, leader of the 2020 USR-PLUS Alliance, claims that PSD leaders have become drunk with power and they have started to detain people in order to provoke so that the subsequent forceful intervention of the gendarmes would be justified.

Present in Iasi on Saturday, Dacian Ciolos stated at a press conference, referring to the episode that occurred in Topoloveni, where anti-Dragnea protesters were taken away in police vans, that Liviu Dragnea and the PSD are starting to behave as if they are on their estate and to believe that they have the right to detain anyone.

“They have become drunk with power, they are detaining people, and this means provocation. They expect people to respond through aggression, through violence, in order to justify aggression and violence, just as they did on August 10. (…) It’s the sign that Liviu Dragnea and the PSD are starting to behave as if they are on their own estate. They consider that anyone expressing their opinion is an attack on them and that they have the right to detain anyone who stands against them. It seems to me that we are entering a very dangerous zone,” Dacian Ciolos stated.

He said that we are no longer talking only about theft from public funds but also about the ruling power’s attack against Romanians who have the courage to express themselves.

“I find this much more dangerous, because it’s an attack on democracy. I find this to be dangerous backsliding and it’s important for Romanians to see this, to no longer be afraid. Don’t be afraid of PSD’s intimidations. They started with the civil servants, because they had leverage on them given the fact that they are paying them salaries in public institutions. The PSD take the public budget to be their own budget. They go and boast that the PSD gives money. But they are already confusing the freedom won by Romanians, and this is a dangerous thing. That is why we must teach them a lesson on May 26. We shouldn’t be afraid,” USR-PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos added.

He considers that the PSD must not be confused with this party’s voters and one must not respond to provocations.

“Let’s not confuse the PSD – and the handful of people who have grabbed hold of this party – with those who voted for them, and let’s no longer respond to provocations meant to divide and generate mistrust and suspicion. This is their way of governing, by provoking some against the others,” Dacian Ciolos added.

Dozens of persons who staged a protest against the PSD on Friday, in Topoloveni, during the visit paid by PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, were detained by gendarmes and taken to the police precinct.


President Iohannis on incident in Topoloveni: It’s outrageous


When asked for his comment on the protesters who were detained by gendarmes during the PSD leader’s visit to Topoloveni, President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday that it is outrageous. “I believe that here we already have the image of Dragnea’s Romania; who is not with him will be arrested,” the Head of State added.

“It’s outrageous that in 2019 people who are simply dissatisfied with a politician would be taken away by gendarmes. I believe that here we already have the image of Dragnea’s Romania. Who is not with Dragnea will be arrested, that’s what the images from Topoloveni have shown. Some people, justifiably dissatisfied with Dragnea, simply went to protest peacefully and they were taken away by gendarmes. It’s unbelievable, it’s unimaginable for Romania of the year 2019. This is a strong argument to go out and vote, in order to give a response to this Government, to this failed governance,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

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