Justice Ministry, after protests organised by the employees of the penitentiary system: Min Birchall ordered, when taking office, set up of dialogue committee following protests in jails

Interim Minister of Justice Ana Birchall ordered, “ever since the first day in office,” the set up of a dialogue committee following the protest organised by the employees of the penitentiary system, the Justice Ministry (MJ) announced on Monday.

“Regarding the protests organised on Monday, 20 May, by the employees of the penitentiary system, members of the National Union of Penitentiary Workers, the Justice Ministry mentions that, ever since the first day in office, as interim minister, Deputy Prime Minister Ana Birchall took note of the demands of the trade unions in the penitentiaries and ordered the set up of a dialogue committee, headed by State Secretary with the Justice Ministry Ion Popa,” a MJ release sent to AGERPRES informs.

According to the quoted source, the discussions carried out by State Secretary Ion Pop with representatives of the penitentiary unions, between 10 and 14 May, ended with all the parties agreeing to draw up an information that would include the real situation of the system, as well as the solutions for the issues reported.

“The Justice Ministry management shows its entire availability for a real, open and constructive dialogue, in view of identifying some optimal solutions to the issues reported, within a calendar that can realistically provide the possibility of solving them and avoiding, in the future, the tense situations currently existing in the ANP [the National Administration of Penitentiaries] system,” the MJ mentions.

Approximately 100 people, employees of the Gherla Penitentiary protested on Monday. They demand, among others, “the adoption of the penitentiary policemen statue,” “the urgent publication of the Ministerial Order regarding the payment of overtime for the period 2019-2021,” “the banning of forced labor in the penitentiary system, where the detainees are paid, unlike the personnel.” Protesters are determined to organize in June a rally in the Victoriei Square.

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