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May 10, 2021

Long Night of Museums 2019.Tens of thousands of Bucharesters visit city’s museums far into the night. Neamtu: It’s a social event

On Saturday night, tens of thousands of Bucharesters visited the city’s museums and public and private cultural spaces, on the 15th edition of the Long Night of Museums, an event that brought together dozens of exhibitions, artistic experiments, projections, dance and theatre shows, and concerts.

“It’s a social event. There are more and more people who take to the streets, there are more and more localities one knew nothing about and that have all sorts of museums and private initiatives, organised through the openness, energy and love of some entrepreneurs. There are all sorts of initiatives that deserve praise. And that is precisely why the Long Night of Museums has become a social phenomenon, because it takes place in places you didn’t even think could offer cultural events,” Long Night of Museums Manager Dragos Neamu stated for Agerpres.

He said he was impressed by the “research” done by a 60-year-old visitor who had printed the event’s schedule from the website of the National Network of Romanian Museums.

“I saw women holding children in their arms, and I want to tell you something that impressed me: when I left the Museum of Collections, I met an elderly lady, around 60 years of age, who had her arms full of all sorts of printed papers, even schedules from all the museums in Bucharest. And she asked me – of all people – where the National Art Museum of Romania is located. And when I saw what she was carrying, I asked her who printed all that for her. She told me that her son did, from our website. And I told her: ‘get rid of all this and I’ll give you a schedule that shows you where to go and what to see.’ It’s impressive. She was a lady who was visiting museums and had done her “research.” It was like a booklet she was accessing, trying to know this and that. It’s unbelievable; this is why it’s worth investing in the Long Night of Museums, organising the Long Night of Museums. Just like, years ago, I met an old man standing in line at ‘Antipa,’ who was saying that he was for the first time at a museum,” Dragos Neamu said.


Photo: Agerpres

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