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April 22, 2021

Ponta: Exactly as in Narcos, every time when the police gets close to him, Dragnea gives one of his comrades. Don’t tell me that Mrs. Birchall has a sudden desire to be independent and revolted against Dragnea

Pro Romania Chairman Victor Ponta says every time when the police gets close to Liviu Dragnea, the PSD Chairman gives one of his comrades, and now it’s Radu Mazare’s turn. Ponta doesn’t believe that Ana Birchall, the Interim Justice Minister, “has a sudden desire” to be independent and she revolted against Dragnea, but that she called the PSD Chairman and asked him what to do with Radu Mazare.

Victor Ponta was asked on Sunday, at a press conference held at Mamaia, if he distances from Radu Mazare, and he answered: “No. I never had too good friends, as you know. On the other hand, you will not see me being glad for the bad things happening to Radu Mazare. I think what is happening to him has happened to others, too. Do you know the name Vali Preda? He was a State Secretary here, in Constanta, too. Mister Dragnea, exactly as in Narcos, every time when the police gets close to him, gives one of his comrades. I can only congratulate Mrs. Birchall who worked during the weekend and translated the documents by herself”.

He spoke of an episode in 2015, when Nicusor Constantinescu, who at that time was the number two in the PSD Constanta County organization, told Ponta that he will vote for Liviu Dragnea as the Chairman of the party because he promised him he will help him get rid of jail.

“I remind you an episode. It was in 2015, at the Parliament’s Palace, during a vote in the PSD CEx, regarding who will take the leadership after me: Mrs. Rovana Plumb or Mr. Dragnea. I supported Rovana, which shows I don’t have a good hand, but this was not the subject. Nicusor Constantinescu, not Radu, came to me and said: please don’t be upset, we will vote for Dragnea, because Dragnea said he will help us get rid of jail. I told him: I really don’t mind. I understand you for voting for Dragnea, but do you really think he will help you? Well, he said, he swore he will help us get rid of it for sure. Nicusor Constaninescu is in jail for three years, Radu Mazare, Vali Preda, Sevil Shhaideh are being judged, Draghici’s wife, he signs papers, is sentenced”, Ponta stated.



“Darius Valcov will be next”


The leader of Pro Romania believes that once Mazare is executed, Darius Valcov, adviser to Premier Viorica Dancila, will be next and that Dragnea is behaving exactly as the main character in the Narcos television series.

“Valcov will be next, soon. I believe he too has figured out he will not get away, because you see he has no longer made an appearance in the last month, he too has figured out that Dragnea is throwing him overboard. Just like in Narcos, Dragnea will throw everyone overboard, for him to get away. He has promised them amnesties, pardons, with stories, codes. He won’t do anything for them,” the leader of Pro Romania said.

Asked whether Dragnea will get away, Ponta said: “It means you haven’t seen how Narcos ends, that’s the answer.”

Ponta pointed out that Liviu Dragnea was the target in the legal case in which Valentin Preda, former secretary of state within the Transport Ministry, was convicted.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t believe that in Romania we will see people going to jail and keeping their mouths shut. Vali Preda, I know very well what happened there and how Dragnea avoided a flagrant. They bagged Vali Preda. Vali Preda was carrying a photo camera containing the documents for Dragnea. Dragnea is not even witness in that dossier,” Ponta said.

The ex-Premier opined that Radu Mazare is surprised that Liviu Dragnea’s Government has made demarches to put him in prison.

“Mazare probably cannot believe that Mr Dragnea’s Government, the Government of his friend Liviu, is working on him staying in prison. Maybe others will also understand. (…) Don’t tell me Mrs Birchall has gone independent and has revolted against Dragnea. Rest assured, Dragnea was the first person she called: ‘Boss, what do we do?’; ‘Bring that guy in, we’ll put him in prison and another week will pass, so people would forget,’” the leader of Pro Romania added.

Ponta believes that the news item of the day on May 20 will be the repatriation of Mazare, not Liviu Dragnea’s trial.

“Which will be the news on the 20th: Dragnea’s trial at the ICCJ, or Radu Mazare’s repatriation? He’s bringing him in tomorrow so that you won’t be talking about his trial on May 20. You know what will happen tomorrow? They’ll postpone it again, the judge will retire, it will start from scratch, it will expire under the statute of limitations, and tomorrow all of Romania will talk about Radu Mazare being brought with handcuffs, it won’t talk about the fact that Dragnea’s trial will be postponed once again and nothing will happen to Dragnea. Do you think he has any problem leaving Mazare in jail and getting away? There was someone else from around Constanta who left his brother in jail,” Ponta added in Mamaia.

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