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May 6, 2021

Traian Basescu: There is a risk for the referendum, as it is, with improper questions

People’s Movement Party (PMP) candidate in the EP elections, Traian Basescu, stated on Saturday at Timisoara that it is more important if President Klaus Iohannis will lose on the referendum on Justice than if he will win.

Traian Basescu explained what the risks related to the referendum are, at a press conference.

“There is a risk for the referendum, as it is, with improper questions. It is much more important if the President will lose, we all will lose, than if he will win. If he will win, no amendment can be done. It will not have any practical consequences, it will be only a political signal, but if he will lose, this will be an opportunity for the PSD-ALDE alliance to cause a big mess in the legislation related to judiciary. I am one of those who agree that changes must be made in the criminal legislation, there are a lot of unconstitutional articles. One of them is related to the extended seizure and the other one is related to consolidating the presumption of innocence, which is a directive whose implementation deadline was April 2018. Not to mention the dozens of articles that have been removed from the Criminal Code, according to the Constitution”, Traian Basescu stated.

The PMP candidate said that if his party will get a good electoral score and he will receive a MEP mandate, he will go to Brussels to represent Romania. Basescu also mentioned that he expects that the turnout at the EP elections will be 35 percent.

Traian Basescu also said that PSD is not ruling since 2016, but since 2012, when Victor Ponta was appointed as the Romanian Prime Minister, and the Romanians who are working abroad will not come back in Romania as a result of the promise related to the salary increase.

“Daddy, who is accustomed to shopping, believes he can bring the Romanians home by increasing their salaries. To bring the Romanians home, he must understand what would motivate the Romanians working in Europe to come back home. They wouldn’t be motivated by salaries, but the quality of life is the one that has to be improved. They (PSD – e.n.) are ruling since 2012, when I appointed Victor Ponta as the Prime Minister. Romanians will come back when, along the salaries, they will have the promise d hospitals, when they will have highways, when Romanians will have the possibility to till the ground with the irrigations made as they promised to them but they didn’t make them, and they will come back when they will have the promised schools that haven’t been made, because what’s important to parents is to send their children to a good school”, Traian Basescu stated.

The PMP candidate says that the current governors are using the economic increase in a wrong way.

“PSD-ALDE has the opportunity to rule in a period of economic increase, but they are using the resources to increase salaries, instead of making investments”, Basescu added.


“From an organizational point of view, the Sibiu Summit was a success. Europeans are worried about the terrorist risk”


Former Romanian President Traian Basescu stated on Saturday at Timisoara that the Sibiu Summit was a success from an organizational point of view, and European leaders wanted to show optimism, although the European Union is experiencing a crisis of existence, and Europeans are worried about the terrorist risk.

Traian Basescu says that he attended such summits, as the Romanian President, in countries that held the presidency of the Council of the European Union, and from this perspective, he can say that the Sibiu Summit was a success from an organizational point of view.

“The Sibiu Summit was a success from an organizational point of view and in terms of the atmosphere outside the summit. For ten years, I have attended all the summits, with one exception, when Victor Viorel Ponta thought he was the President and he went there in my place. Each rotating presidency has an informal summit organized at its home. At many summits, we entered the room that was hosting the event being protected by the police forces. Here, the leaders have been welcomed with applauses and love. It was an important signal, I can tell you how my former fellows felt about how they have been welcomed, it was a successful summit for Romania. Let’s see how the Europeans saw it; the Europeans are questioning themselves on the EU ability to solve the problems. It is an optimistic declaration that covers almost nothing. It is intended for the public who has no information. The declaration of Sibiu is questionable in terms of rightness, but the leaders wished to show optimism for the future of the European Union”, Traian Basescu stated.

The former head of state says that the European Union is experiencing a real crisis in terms of migration.

“The European Union is experiencing a crisis of existence, and this is what a man who has been a member of the European Council for 10 years is telling you, I know all the questions that have to be put by politicians, and unfortunately there are a lot of questions to which they shrug. Migration is one of the elements about which European citizens of the old Member States are worried. I am talking about Germany, France, Italy, UK. Here, the population has become worried, primarily because of the behavior of the migrants, who didn’t understand that one of the migrant’s obligation is to respect the cultural values and the faith of the countries that received him or her, although they weren’t invited to come. In Christian countries, one cannot come and request for the European culture to become Islamic. We are lucky that Victor Viorel Ponta is no longer ruling, because he was ready to build a big mosque in Bucharest. This is problem, the European states have become weak in protecting their citizens, and this is being capitalized by nationalists, who are weakening the EU cohesion”, Basescu stated.

Traian Basescu also said that terrorism is another concern for Europeans.

“Another reason for Europeans’ dissatisfaction is the terrorist risk which the states have failed to solve, and this risk will unfortunately continue to exist, and allow me to say that it will be even higher, because the volunteers who left Europe and joined the Islamic State are coming back home now, within the groups of migrants, after losing the war in Iraq and Syria. They will be activated whenever it will be possible. The terrorist risk is also perpetuated by what is happening in Europe, in addition to the ISIS volunteers who are coming home. And what’s happening is that there are many mosques where the Jihadist propaganda is developed and attracts many youngsters, and the EU Member States, through their politicians, are still following the ‘politically correct’ option. But aren’t the native Europeans free to live in quiet, in peace? (…) These people (the migrants – e.n.) have crossed the EU borders like they were going through the dessert, nobody stopped them, nobody sent them back from where they came”, Traian Basescu added.


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