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June 28, 2022

Dancila: I will vote in the referendum. I’m a supporter of the rule of law, of the independence of the judiciary

Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday, in Bacau, that on Sunday, May 26, she will go to the polls and vote in both the European Parliament elections and the referendum because she is a supporter of the rule of law and of the independence of the judiciary.

Viorica Dancila was asked whether she will vote on Sunday and whether she will vote in the referendum too.

“Yes. I will vote on Sunday and I will vote in both, in the European Parliament elections too, I will vote for Romania’s image, I will vote for gaining Romania’s dignity. I have been a member of the European Parliament for 9 years, I know what working in European institutions means, I know how important it is to have people involved there. (…) I will vote in the referendum too. As I have said each time, I’m a supporter of the rule of law, of the independence of the judiciary, but also of the rights of citizens, because we have to consider this too every time, and there must be a balance between everything,” Dancila said.


“I’ll not disclose my opinion, I would toe the party’s line”


Later on Wednesday, Dancila came up with clarifications and said that she will turn out to vote in the May 26 justice referendum, adding that she will not publicly disclose her option, and that she would toe her party’s line.

“I have said that I will show up for the referendum, but I have not said how I will vote, because that is something we will agree inside the party. I am respecting the party, the party’s line, and the way I vote will be according to the line. I believe that I have never struck a discordant note when it comes to the party’s line and I think it is very important to continue on the same road. The fact that I am turning out for the referendum, the fact that chairman Tariceanu has said he will do the same … But I’m toeing the line of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) (…) I did not say that there is no line – because we are talking in the party – but we will not make it public. I will not publicly disclose my vote in the referendum,” Dancila told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Wednesday.


No disagreement with party leader; diverging opinions not splitting party”


She also stated on Wednesday  that her relationship with the national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)  Liviu Dragnea, is good and that there is no disagreement between them.

“There is no disagreement on my part – I have seen in public the idea that I have a disagreement with Chairman Liviu Dragnea. I have discussed with Chairman Dragnea, we have consulted on many objectives, on many points in the governing programme. There cannot exist any disagreement between the party’s leader and the prime minister. Oftentimes there are situations in which there are diverging opinions – those diverging opinions fit into the spirit of democracy, we can have different views on various points, but that does not mean a split within the PSD. I have a good relationship with Chairman Liviu Dragnea,” Dancila told Antena 3 private broadcaster.

About Dragnea’s potential bid for Romania’s presidency, Dancila said that the PSD leader will discuss the matter with the members of the party’s Executive Committee.

“There is no reservation over such a bid. I have not had a discussion about this issue; I do not know what the opinion of Chairman Liviu Dragnea is … (…) I have not heard Chairman Liviu Dragnea’s wish to run and so it is normal for me to have a reserved position until the party chair publicly expresses his opinion. (…) I believe that Chairman Dragnea will have a discussion with the members of the Executive Committee, because all the decisions I have made inside the party and I am convinced that the chairman will discuss the matter with the Executive Committee. We do not even know what the Chairman’s wish is, I think he will talk with us all and then on Sunday evening he will make an announcement,” she said.


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