President Iohannis, three days before referendum: PSD is trying to boycott the vote. Head of State accuses CNA of refusing to offer time slots for ads: Listen to this insolence

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday that the National Audio-visual Council (CNA) refused to offer time slots for referendum ads and did not want to consider the topic, saying that the PSD is boycotting the referendum in this manner too.

“The referendum vote takes place on May 26 and the PSD fears this. The PSD does what it does best… they are trying to boycott this vote. We all see how the activists, people from PSD’s leadership, are travelling all over the country, in counties, city halls, to explain that this referendum is allegedly not important. In fact, we even see that the Social Democrats are trying to convince people not to vote. This attempt is pathetic. Moreover, they are trying to block it institutionally; Dragnea has ordered the CNA to ignore the referendum. This referendum takes place simultaneously with the European Parliament elections, but it’s something else,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

The President says that the National Audio-visual Council’s decision is unprecedented since the Revolution.

“The CNA refused to offer time slots for referendum ads and did not want to consider the issue, and when I sent them an electoral ad in which I ask people to vote in the referendum, without telling them how to vote, they said that it’s an electoral ad and I should handle it with the parties.”

“Listen to this insolence on the part of the CNA. It’s pathetic. Romanians shouldn’t be afraid. If they want to know what they will take shelter from if they vote they should see what happened in the country during the campaign. In Topoloveni, regular protesters were arrested on the spot and taken to the police precinct. In Targoviste – beautiful city –, the city was on lockdown because the Social Democrats wanted to electioneer in tranquillity. The right to vote was gained by Romanians in ’89,” Iohannis added.


New attack on Dragnea: It’s the last thing we need – a felon running for President


Against the backdrop of the announcement that PSD and ALDE will make regarding the presidential candidate, President Klaus Iohannis stated that the last thing we need is “a felon convicted for defrauding a referendum running for president.”

“I don’t think a big deal will be announced, except the fact that they lost the elections. (…) I feel most comfortable alongside Romanians in a presidential race. It’s the last thing we need – a felon convicted for referendum fraud running for president,” Klaus Iohannis stated.


Elections will cause changes in the political space. PSD will not receive another PM position 


He also  stated that the EP elections and the referendum to be held on Sunday will cause changes in the Romanian political space and announced that he will not grant PSD another appointment for the PM position.

“I am sure that the result of the EP elections and the referendum will cause changes in the political space”, President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday.

Asked what happens if PSD will withdraw its political support for the current Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, the head of state announced that he will not grant another PM position to the Social Democrats.

“Even we’re not speaking about this now, I can tell you that PSD will not get another nomination from me. We should understand that the elections will change the Romanian political space”, Klaus Iohannis added.


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