Tariceanu proposes to parliamentary parties agreement to consensually support Romania’s priorities in new EP. ALDE Chairman asks voters to boycott the referendum

Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu proposes in a letter addressed to political parties an agreement for the consensual support of our country’s priorities in the new European Parliament through a group of Romanian MEPs aimed at protecting the image of a strong Romania.”

The topics “inclined towards consensus” and “with a nationwide dimension” proposed by Tariceanu include: the admission of the country in the Schengen area, the lifting of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, the increase of cohesion funds that will allow us to recover the gaps against the developed countries, the refusal to condition the allocation of structural funds in the next budget exercise on criteria that can be interpreted subjectively and with interest, conditioning that does not correspond to the letter and the spirit of the treaties, and the obtaining for the Romanian farmers of equal subsidies from the Western countries, the blocking of all protectionist initiatives – as is the case today with the Mobility Package, designed to hinder the access of Romanian entrepreneurs and workers to the single European market.

“We believe that we have the chance of a new national project: a strong Romania in a united Europe. In post-December Romania, we had few national projects, in fact only two: joining NATO in 2004 and joining the European Union in 2007. Two projects essential for the Romanians, two projects that we have the duty to carry through, leaving reason to triumph over divergences of any kind and over any interests outside the national one,” reads the document posted on Wednesday on the ALDE website.

“I invite you to learn from the mistakes of the past and to stop exporting our misunderstandings and conflicts to Brussels or Strasbourg. Let’s stop from slandering our country in the name of petty, biased interests, or just to satisfy the political groups that we are going to belong to. History has taught us that too often the country’s enemies have achieved their goals when they have managed to stir up conflicts amongst ourselves. The time has come for us not to allow ourselves be divided and to learn to fight together for the people who elects us, so that, following the advice of the great Ion IC Bratianu a century ago, ‘be as modest for your person, do not be modest for the people you represent.’ I am therefore calling on you to establish together the priorities of Romania in the five year mandate of the new European Parliament, and to combine our efforts to meet those goals on which we will agree that they are not only a priority but also common,” Tariceanu emphasizes in the letter.

“Dear colleagues, we can give this agreement the name “Strong Romania” or any other name that we will establish together and which signifies our decision to speak in one voice when the interests of all Romanian citizens are at stake. Such an agreement can and must smooth Romania’s path as soon as possible towards the place it deserves in Europe. This initiative must be a sincere and unanimous one. As it is inappropriate for it to become the prerogative or the electoral instrument of any given party, I propose to you that the new pro-European body that I hope we will create – the Group for Strong Romania – be led by rotation by each party that will have representation in the European Parliament,” adds Tariceanu.

Acknowledging that there are “divergent electoral interests, as is natural in a democracy, unanimity being alien to democratic regimes”, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu emphasizes the “notable exception of the country’s great interests” where the agreement of the political forces must act “together”.


“I’m asking voters to boycott this referendum”


ALDE President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Tuesday that he asks voters to boycott the referendum triggered by President Klaus Iohannis, which is nothing but a means to bring more people to the polls and to favour the PNL.

“The European Commission and the Venice Commission, so often invoked, have said that it is not fair to hold a different electoral event on the day of the European Parliament elections. Have you seen by any chance any European official – Mr Timmermans or Juncker – saying a single word about this referendum? I take this opportunity to ask the Romanian voters to boycott this referendum, because it is not an instrument measuring the President’s popularity. We must take part in the EP elections and vote for those who can better represent Romania,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Tuesday evening on Antena3.

He said that, after the elections, he would like all MEPs to go to Brussels “to represent Romania jointly, all parliamentarians, a strong voice capable of representing Romania’s interests.”

Tariceanu said that “these elections are more important than those in the past,” the stakes being higher.

“The stakes are higher; an attempt is being made to obtain a higher voter turnout by holding the referendum. The President is trying to favour his party, believing that it will register a higher score at a higher voter turnout, in the hope – as we have seen lately – that the result of the elections, supposed to be unfavourable for the ruling coalition and favourable for the PNL, would create the premise of toppling the Government and potentially of bringing a governance formula that was seen before, in 2016, with the catastrophic results that we know, but that would pave the road for the incumbent President to win the elections next autumn,” Tariceanu added.

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