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June 30, 2022

Dragnea, about Iohannis’s accusations: PSD has not boycotted any referendum

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday that his party has not boycotted any referendum and he was not convicted of referendum frauds, arguing that President Klaus Iohannis “bathes in ridicule and embarrassment.”

“This person has been bathing in ridicule and embarrassment for a very long time. You said it was a tense campaign end, for us it is not, it is for all those who spat hate and venom because this is what they know how to do. Firstly: PSD did not boycott any referendum. No referendum was boycotted by the PSD, on the contrary, those who boycotted a referendum were USR [Save Romania Union, PLUS [Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity], PNL [the National Liberal Party]. (…) I was not convicted for referendum fraud. I have to say to Iohannis: these are his dreams, that the majority will change after the elections. What is the relation of the elections to the European Parliament and the referendum with the parliamentary majority? Let’s see what the Romanians decide, I assure Iohannis that PSD will be here on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday and it will be in December, too, when he is driven out of Cotroceni [Presidential Palace, ed.n.]. This is what he must know. This man has got to dreaming me day and night. I think he has no thought but Liviu Dragnea, how I should die, how to condemn me, he has no another concern, he has an obsession,” said Dragnea at private broadcaster Romania TV.

He specified he did not say that on Sunday he announces his candidacy for presidential elections.

“I have said what I have been saying for a few months: that after the European Parliament elections we will make the announcement. I did not say I am announcing my candidacy, I said nothing new, but of course, these people, desperate not to weaken the pressure on the court panel, because there are unimaginable pressures,” Dragnea said, adding that pressures are being made by “the whole system, at Iohannis’s command.”

Asked if he had any evidence in this respect, Dragnea replied: “Look, I dreamed of it.”


We do not intend to change prime minister; Mrs. Dancila remains until 2020


SocDem national  leader also said on Wednesday that the Social-Democrats do not intend to change the prime minister, saying that Viorica Dancila may remain in office until 2020 “if she does her job.”

“We are not going to change the prime minister. (…) Mrs. Dancila may stay there until 2020 if she does her job, neither me nor anyone else has any business with her.” They [The Opposition] are inventing topics as they have nothing to say. They cannot say: we have done this for Romania. They either swear at us, they swear at me and press all the institutions against me, or come with lies,” Dragnea told Romania TV private broadcaster, in connection with the statements of President Klaus Iohannis.

Liviu Dragnea also said that the PSD will not initiate and vote on the suspension of President Klaus Iohannis.

“The PSD in no way will initiate or vote for the suspension of Iohannis. What Rares Bogdan did shows their despair, they want to announce this thing so as to trigger another negative emotion for Sunday. We will not do anything to hi, we leave him there, to draw total ridicule upon himself, until the presidential elections,” Dragnea said.


“First House” programme to extend to “One family, one house”


The “First House” programme will extend and be dubbed “One family, one house”, on Wednesday said the PSD  leader Liviu Dragnea, adding that the programme “An ambulance for each commune” is ready and will be enforced.

“Conditions for the First House programme were good at first, but then they became way too restrictive and everybody is dissatisfied. Firstly, we grant a higher value, worth RON 570,000, meaning they can buy a real house, not a hut, we raise the ceilings, because if one earned over RON 3,000, they didn’t fit in the conditions, they entered a vicious circle, I mean very few had access and to very small houses. The interest rate is fixed, in the RON national currency. I’m certain there will be banks to support this programme,” Dragnea told Romania TV private broadcaster.

The PSD leader added that the second programme he talked about in the (electoral, ed. n.) campaign and has been under criticism of many is now ready and will be enforced.

“It is about the programme dubbed <>. A non-reimbursable grant worth EUR 200k, given to the family doctors, this is the money to buy an ambulance, to pay the fuel for four years, to cover their salary. We are talking about 2,700+ communes, if I’m not wrong. I’m born and raised in the countryside. An ambulance for each commune in Romania is a miracle. They will have a contract with the National Healthcare Insurance House, the medical doctors who will want to, yet in each commune there will be an ambulance with two employees and the money for the respective fuel,” Dragnea concluded.


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