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May 19, 2022

European elections, justice referendum Sunday in Romania; over 18 million voters expected at ballot boxes. More than 50,000 MAI employees on duty on elections day; 18,730 polling stations in the country, 441 abroad

More than 18 million voters are expected on Sunday to designate 33 representatives of Romania to the European Parliament and to vote in a national consultative referendum convened by President Klaus Iohannis on justice matters.

The voters will receive three ballot papers – one for the European elections and two for the referendum. The insertion of a ballot paper in a ballot box other than the intended one does not invalidate it.

The voters cast their ballots at the same polling stations, at the same time, between 07:00hrs and 21:00hrs, with the same stamps reading “VOTAT” (VOTED) on separate papers – one for the European elections and one for each question in the referendum.

In this referendum, citizens have to choose between “Yes” and “No” on the following questions:


  1. “Do you agree with banning amnesty and pardon for corruption offences?”


  1. Do you agree with the ban on the government’s adoption of emergency ordinances in the field of criminal offences, punishments and judicial organisation, and the extension of the right to challenge orders directly with the Constitutional Court?”

Three ballot boxes will be set up at each polling station, one for each ballot paper.

The voter may vote in one election or both. They have to produce an identity card to the computer operator and specify in what plebiscite they want to vote.

Voter turnout will be recorded on separate electoral rolls for the two types of ballot.

To the ID document, the “VOTAT” stamp will be stamped along with the date of the ballot, or, just one “VOTAT” sticker and the date of the ballot, according to the case.


*** 13 political formations and 3 independents are vying for a seat in the European Parliament


Joining the electoral race are candidates endorsed by the Social Democratic Party (PSD); the Save Romania Union PLUS 2020 Alliance (Alianta 2020 USR PLUS); the Pro Democracy Party; the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR); the National Liberal Party (PNL); the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE); the PRODEMO Party; the People’s Movement Party (PMP); the Romanian Socialist Party; the Independent Social Democratic Party; the United Romania Party; the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR); the National Unity Bloc (BUN). Also running are three independent candidates – Gregorian-Carmen Tudoran; George Nicolae Simion, and Peter Costea.


18,730 polling stations at national level and 441 abroad


More than 50,000 Interior Ministry (MAI) employees will ensure public order, protect the environs of polling stations, investigate electoral incidents and secure the transport of files from local electoral bureaus to the Central Electoral Bureau. There are 18,730 polling stations at national level and 441 abroad.

The Central Technical Commission coordinating the organising of the European Parliament elections and national referendum met on Thursday at the Interior Ministry. The meeting was chaired by Interior Minister Carmen Dan. The representatives of all institutions that are part of the Central Technical Commission, the prefects, and the heads of MAI’s local branches took part in it.

The meeting reviewed the stage of fulfilling the tasks incumbent upon each institution, and addressed the latest organisational details, a MAI press release informs.

According to the law, citizens will vote in the EP elections and the referendum within the same polling stations, and during the same schedule (7 a.m. to 9 p.m.), using the same voting stamps but separate voting ballots: one for the European Parliament elections and two for the referendum (one for each question asked).

The MAI has monitored the observance of the electoral schedule on a weekly basis, the actions being on time up to this point.

“MAI employees have no prerogatives regarding voting operations or what happens inside polling stations. The president of the electoral bureau of the polling station is responsible for the measures required to ensure order and the fairness of voting operations. To maintain order, the president of the electoral bureau of the polling station can request the support of MAI employees, who will enter the polling station only at his explicit request! (…) I firmly call on all those taking part in this electoral process to show fairness and good faith: I’m talking about those involved in organising the elections, about electoral competitors, but also about voters,” Minister Carmen Dan said.

Voters cast their votes in the polling stations to which they are allotted based on their place of residence, in line with the permanent electoral lists. Citizens who find themselves away from their place of residence on elections day can vote in any polling station and will be included on a supplementary list.

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