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February 4, 2023

Herjeu (CNA) summons Klaus Iohannis to prove that Dragnea ordered the boycotting of the referendum: The president is lying, and this is inexcusable . PNL accuses Radu Herjeu of obedience towards PSD: It is lamentable to attack the Romanian President from the position of a party puppet

Radu Herjeu, member of the National Audio-visual Council (CNA), accuses President Klaus Iohannis of lying when claiming that PSD leader Liviu Dragnea “ordered” mayors to ignore the May 26 referendum, and asks him to substantiate his statements.

“The president of the country is lying, and this is inexcusable, even though I suppose he was lied to in his turn by the advisers and politruks around him. I will start with the gravest accusations, and I’m very seriously pondering whether I should respond to it via legal complaint. I summon the president of the country to present proof regarding the existence of Dragnea’s order and its conveyance to the members of the CNA mentioned in his comments, implicitly to me. I understand that the President has no clue about the audio-visual law. And it’s normal. He still has problems with the nuances of the Constitution. But his advisers could have done their research and found out that, in case of a referendum, the CNA does not offer time slots. Even less so for electoral ads. Time slots are offered only in the case of electoral advertisement shows, which cannot take place on the topic of the referendum but only in the case of parliamentary, local or presidential elections,” Radu Herjeu posted on a social network.

He pointed out: “All television stations have enjoyed full liberty to hold electoral debates on the topic of the referendum, and many of them did. Just as they had full liberty to broadcast electoral ads encouraging people to vote yes/no or to boycott the referendum.”

Radu Herjeu states that the Presidential Administration’s referendum ad promotes a biased position.

“The President also lied when he said that the Administration’s ad serves only to encourage people to vote. Anyone curious to watch it will notice on their own that it’s an encouragement to ‘say YES for Europe etc.,’ ‘say YES to no longer having thieves at the helm of the state etc.’ That is why the CNA deemed that it is an ad that promotes a biased position, which is perfectly legal and normal but cannot be considered a public service announcement as long as it lacks the rest of the biased positions, favourable to a boycott or to a negative vote,” the CNA member opines.

Herjeu goes on to say: “Another lie: ‘to refuse’ or ‘not wanting to discuss’ means, at least in the case of an institution such as the CNA, rejecting by vote a proposal tabled by a member of the Council, or a request lodged by a third party. Neither one existed until yesterday, so nobody ‘refused’ to issue a decision. Only yesterday did the Council reject the Presidency’s request, because issuing a decision would have been useless now, considering that, in order to come into force, it must undergo public consultations for at least 10 days!”.

A CNA communique remitted to the Presidency “has explained in extenso the juridical grounds and objective circumstances that led to the novel situation of not having a CNA decision on the topic of the referendum. Situation that did not hamper in any way the normal progress of the referendum campaign in line with the editorial policies of the broadcasters. It is not the first time that the President completely abandons the coordinates of his office and attacks the CNA. Followed or preceded by all kinds of other obscure politicians. I understand petty politics and, no matter how unnatural they might be, I can handle pressures of this type. But I cannot remain silent when someone, no matter who they are, even more so the top dignitary of the state, flings mud at and lies about my activity as member of the National Audio-visual Council!”.


PNL accuses Radu Herjeu of obedience towards PSD: It is lamentable to attack the Romanian President from the position of a party puppet


Radu Herjeu, who is a member of the National Audiovisual Council, is accused by the PNL Vice Chairman Gigel Stirbu, of being obedient towards PSD, after he stated on Wednesday that President Klaus Iohannis lied when saying that Liviu Dragnea “ordered” the mayors to ignore the referendum of May 26.

CNA, “PSD’s guard dog in the audiovisual space”, as Stirbu wrote in a press release sent to News.ro on Thursday, “succumbed in front of the naked truth revealed by the Romanian President, namely this state institution, upon Dragnea’s order, is boycotting the direct consultation of the citizens related to justice, by not issuing any decision on the reflection in the audiovisual space of the referendum campaign, and also deciding not to recommend to the TV channels to broadcast the audio-video material made by the Presidential Administration”.

He draws attention that the members appointed by PSD in the Council “have been heard through Radu Herjeu’s voice, a real political slick, appointed by Dragnea’s party in this position in order to sanction all those who dare to attack the ruling party, and on the other hand, ordered to caress with gentle decisions and warnings the TV channels that are close to PSD, which are wiping their feet by the Audiovisual Law, thus decreasing day by day the quality of this public service”.

“A public service must serve the citizen, public interest must be a priority to it, it must ensure the fairness of the information and shouldn’t be in any way full of people like Radu Herjeu, for whom being obedient is a way of living”.

Stirbu, who is the Chairman of the Culture Committee of the Deputies’ Chamber, added: “Romanians’ access to information has been obviously restricted”. He mentioned that the fact that Herjeu “attacked the Romanian President form the position of a party puppet” is “lamentable”.

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