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February 8, 2023

Kelemen announces that his party no longer supports Gov’t: UDMR and PSD-ALDE collaboration protocol without object

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) no longer supports, starting on Thursday, any initiative or measure of the Government, the collaboration protocol between this entity and the PSD-ALDE (Social Democratic Party-Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) remaining thus without object, the leader of the Union, Kelemen Hunor, made the announcement on Thursday.

“Starting today, UDMR will no longer support any initiative or measure of the Government. Until the situation with the cemetery in Valea Uzului is solved, the collaboration protocol between UDMR and the PSD-ALDE coalition remains without object. We believe that the Government’s attitude is unacceptable and we ask the authorities to remove the constructions that are illegally placed in the cemetery in Valea Uzului and start investigating ex officio into the abuses of the mayor in Darmanesti and the other authors who contributed to the escalation of tensions,” the UDMR head wrote on his Facebook page.

“This morning, the Bacau Police has carried out searches at the home of the deputy mayor of Sanmartin and at the Sanmartin Town Hall. Deputy Mayor Laszlo Antal has been taken in for hearings at the headquarters of the Harghita County Police Inspectorate, in the context in which so far nobody has been held responsible for the destruction and desecration of the graves of Hungarian soldiers in the Valea Uzului cemetery, namely for inciting ethnic hatred. Similarly, authorities did not react on their own initiative in relation to the abuse perpetrated by the Mayor of Darmanesti, which contributed to the escalation of events,” reads an UDMR press release issued on Thursday.

According to the mentioned source, the juridical context is extremely clear: carrying out illegal construction works on the graves of the soldiers fallen in Valea Uzului constitutes the crime of desecration of graves, stipulated by Article 383 of the Criminal Code, while the subsequent provocations represent incitement to hatred and discrimination, according to Article 369 of the Criminal Code. The concrete crosses built by the Darmanesti Town Hall without a permit, with the use of public funds and on the administrative territory of a different locality represent flagrant abuse of office.

“Despite our firm request, the Government did not take the necessary measures to prevent the worsening of the situation, even though this is the duty of the authorities and of the PSD-ALDE coalition. The Government must stop the use of double standards on the part of the public organs and institutions involved, which repeatedly treat ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania as second-class citizens. We consider the Government’s attitude unacceptable from an ethnic, moral and political point of view,” UDMR President Kelemen Hunor says.

He adds that he is asking the Government to remove the illegal constructions built in the Valea Uzului cemetery and to start ex officio investigations into the abuses committed by the Mayor of Darmanesti and the rest of the perpetrators, which contributed to the escalation of tensions.

“Considering all this, starting today the UDMR will no longer support any Government initiative or measure. Until the situation of the Valea Uzului cemetery is solved, the protocol of collaboration between the UDMR and the PSD-ALDE coalition is objectless,” the UDMR leader added.

Criminal and forensic policemen from the Buzau County Police, backed by policemen from the Harghita County Police, carried out five house searches on Thursday morning, at the homes of persons suspected of perpetrating the crimes of battery or other acts of violence, destruction, and theft in the Valea Uzului area, the Romanian Police informs.

The searches took place in Bacau and Harghita counties.

Likewise, suspects were taken in at the headquarters of the Harghita Police, for hearings and the issuing of legal measures.

Last week, Bacau policemen started probes after several crosses were covered in plastic bags at the graves of Romanian heroes fallen in the First and Second World Wars.

According to the Buzau County Police, the policemen acted on their own initiative following the publication of images showing persons using plastic bags to cover up several crosses in the Valea Uzului International Cemetery for Heroes, in the town of Darmanesti, and are carrying out investigations to establish the facts.


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