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March 23, 2023

MEP Norica Nicolai wrote to Verhofstadt about his participation at the rally of the 2020 USR PLUS Alliance. Dear Guy, the entire list of those you are planning to support is full of descendants or disciples of the Communist political police

MEP Norica Nicolai wrote to the ALDE Chairman in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, regarding his participation at the rally of the 2020 USR PLUS Alliance, and told him that the entire list of those he is planning to support “is full of descendants or disciples of the Communist political police”, and “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

“Dear Guy,

I understand you are planning to attend an electoral rally of a neo-populist political alliance, whose list of candidates in the EP elections is headed by someone who wore, when he was young, the odious uniform of Ceausescu’s Securitate. The one who is in top of the list today had the task to watch Doina Cornea, the most prominent anti-communist dissident of the ‘80s. In all the political cultures, there is a conviction that someone who wore the uniform of a secret service will wear it all his life, either outright or stealthily. You will come to Bucharest to support our Securitate officers’ children become the Securitate officers of our children.

Before buying your flight ticket to Bucharest, you should have better called me or my colleagues by phone, to tell you to whom you are going to shake the hand. The entire list of those you are planning to support is full of descendants or disciples of the Communist political police. Even if we never judge the children for their parents’ mistakes, you must know we have a saying here, in Romania: the apple does not fall far from the three!

Dear Guy, I am less concerned about the picnic you want to attend – I only wanted to inform you who will sit near you at the table -, but I am concerned about your uninterrupted campaign against my country.

I think you make a big mistake by acting like an unconditioned partisan of the repressive institutions and practices, and I think you make even a bigger mistake by refusing to see the serious abuses committed in the Romanian judiciary of the last 10 years.

From a Liberal to another Liberal, I am telling you I was expecting you to be more sensitive towards the abuse of power and the obvious interference of the intelligence services in the Romanian judiciary.

We, at ALDE Romania, insist to believe that citizen’s freedom has priority compared to the coercive apparatuses of the state, and the real definition of the rule of law starts from the quality of individual rights and freedoms, not from the uncontrolled power accumulated by the judiciary and force institutions, encouraged by populist politicians.

And Guy, I am worried about the fact that, in an interview granted to the Belgian press, Emmanuel Macron speaks about the future construction that he and leaders such as Charles Michel, Mark Rutte, Antonio Costa and others are taking into account. I don’t find your name here. Or perhaps you were included into “and others” category.

We will not meet on Friday, but we will meet for sure at our Congress in the end of June, where we will advocate for the values for which we once advocated together: the dignity of the human being, freedom, equality, democracy and rule of law.

Meantime, enjoy your stay in my country! The Romanian hospitality is worldwide famous!”.

The 2020 USR PLUS Alliance announced that the ALDE leader in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, will attend the rally to be held on Friday, May 24, in the Izvor Park in Bucharest.

USR and PLUS will attend the negotiations to be held after the elections of May 26 in order to create a new political construction in the European Parliament.

“The ALDE Chairman told us he is eager to be with the Romanians at the rally that marks the end of our electoral campaign”, the Alliance mentioned.

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