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April 20, 2021

PSD’s Dragnea: I hope we win elections, I do not believe in fraud rumour. I was convicted for what Iohannis is doing now

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said he hopes the party he leads will win the European Parliament election on Sunday, without giving a forecast, and said he has sent directions on the ground to the Social-Democrats to pay attention to the electoral process after hearing a “rumor,” in which he does not believe, about a fraud attempt through the vote counting software.

“I hope we will win the elections. For the rest, the percentage, the number of votes, it’s for the Romanians to decide, I have never made any predictions. (…) There is an entire industry in terms of polls. We have been trying to show the Romanians what we have done,” Liviu Dragnea told on Thursday Antena 3 private TV broadcaster, on his estimate of Sunday’s vote.

Asked if there is anything else that could change the election result, given that there are “several hours” left until the elections, the PSD leader said: “I heard a rumor, but I do not believe in it, about a fraud attempt in the vote counting software, but I do not think they can do it. However, today we have sent to all the counties that our representatives, both in the County Electoral Bureaus and in the polling stations, to make copies of the minutes and bring them to the party headquarters, for any eventuality.”

“I do not think that will happen, but it is better to be cautious,” added Dragnea.


I was convicted for what Iohannis is doing now


PSD national leader considers that  he was convicted in the referendum file “for what Iohannis is doing now.”

Asked on Thursday evening at Antena 3 private TV broadcaster about the state of mind as to the final sentence in the fictitious hiring file from DGASPC Teleorman that could be handed down on Monday, Dragnea said, “I am thick-skinned. Unfortunately it’s not the first time that’s happening to me. I was convicted for what Iohannis is doing now. I was convicted not for fraud at the referendum, as Iohannis said, but because I was told that by my urging people to vote, a call that the televisions were also launching and are still doing, the PSD campaigners could have been able to study the permanent electoral lists, which were public anyway and by this could have learned some personal data and could have infringed the personal data law. This is what I was convicted for. What referendum fraud? It was said then. It was stupid, I did not defraud anything, I couldn’t have anyway.”

Dragnea argues that in the current trial he will be acquitted if the judges “will resist pressure,” declaring himself “completely innocent”.

“Now, in this trial I am telling you very simply: this city is not as big as it sounds. There are people who speak from institutions and it is known. We are many who know. The pressure on this trial are unimaginable. (…) I come from the institutions, and then, if the judges in the panel resist the pressure, there can only be acquittal, because I am completely innocent. There is no evidence, absolutely no evidence to incriminate me, absolutely none. I don’t want to get into legal matters. I asked the lawyers (…) And they said to me, ‘Sir, the first panel that convicted does not exist officially.’ Any panel that is being formed must be backed by a decision of the High Court Management Board to be published in the Official Gazette, which is not there. A female judge left the panel, a male judge Epure came, who, of course, upheld the conviction, he was not randomly appointed and there is no decision where his name is appeared to have been included in the panel. And they [the lawyers, ed.n.] were saying: it is an invalid cause, clear, obvious. Well, I do not know any other details, nor do I want to interpret too much because I’m not a lawyer. The pressure is very high,” Dragnea said.

According to him, “the case is shameful”. “If the judges are left free, I will be acquitted if they cannot withstand the pressure, may God have mercy!” added Dragnea.

He also reported that he was asked by lawyers if he wishes to pay one-third of the damage, about 30,000 lei, and that he refused.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice set for May 27 the ruling of the final sentence in the fictitious hiring file from DGASPC Teleorman, in which PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is being tried.

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