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September 18, 2019

MAI’ s Dajbog : More than 570 multiple vote alerts, possibility of error is being considered

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) received more than 570 alerts on potential multiple vote cases and following checks, the Ministry sent the Special Telecommunications Service a notification about the possibility of error in the way the voters’ ballot-casting options are being selected, Ministry spokesperson Monica Dajbog announced on Sunday.

“In the first five hours of the ballot casting process there have been more than 570 alerts on possible multiple vote cases. According to the legal provisions, these alerts reach the MAI because they are potential criminal offenses. Individual checks on site have proven that a significant number of these alerts were not confirmed, the rest are being investigated; this situation points to possible errors in the operation of the poll tablets by the polling station operators. With this in mind, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has notified this situation to the Special Telecommunications Service, pointing also to the possibility of error in the selection of the voters’ options  for casting ballots in one or in both voting processes,” Dajbog said.

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