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April 13, 2021

PSD in post-Dragnea era. Dancila: Paul Stanescu to be Social Democratic Party’s executive chairman. Central Standing Bureau to meet every Monday, ExCom every month

Premier Viorica Dancila announced on Tuesday that the PSD’s National Standing Bureau (NSB) has decided that Paul Stanescu will be the party’s Executive President, that the NSB will meet each Monday, and that the Executive Committee will meet once a month.

“We had the National Standing Bureau meeting today, meetings with the PSD groups. The talks focused on the result of the elections. We have all understood the significance of the vote and we have ordered an analysis within the party, to see what mistakes we made. We have decided that Paul Stanescu will be Executive President, that the National Standing Bureau will meet each Monday, and that the ExCom will meet once a month,” Viorica Dancila stated.

Premier Viorica Dancila pointed out that the ministers will also take part in the PSD’s National Executive Committee meetings, so as to have good communication between the Government and the party.

“We have discussed with the PSD members, with the members of Parliament, of both the House and Senate; they all gave a message of unity, they all want us to stay in Government, to move on, to return to the messages and to what we promised in 2016, so as to get over this difficult period. It’s a difficult period and we can move closer to the citizens and talk about the solutions that we see from an economic and social standpoint.”

She deemed that this is not an easy moment for the party. “In the European Parliament elections, we obtained a result that cannot please the PSD, the party president is under arrest,” Viorica Dancila stated.


On corruption scandals in politics: I wouldn’t want you to stick this label only on the PSD. Why should we all be judged?


Premier Viorica Dancila stated that there are many Social Democrats, including herself, who believe that the judiciary has been discussed very much, pointing out that there are also other parties some of whose members have problems of a penal nature and that a party must not be perceived as corrupt in its entirety.

“Yes, many consider, and I also consider, that there have been very many discussions about the judiciary. The Government has made very many achievements, 73 per cent of the governance programme has been fulfilled, but the attention, the discussions have always been about the judiciary, and I believe this has dissatisfied most of the electorate,” the Premier underscored.

The Premier pointed out that the idea circulating publicly that the PSD is the only party whose members have problems of a penal nature is wrong.

“I wouldn’t want you to stick this label only on the PSD. If we look at other parties too, there are plenty of people who have penal problems, who have pending legal cases. This idea that legal problems are to be found only at the PSD, an idea spread during this period, is incorrect. I believe that each party and person who has legal problems should pay for it, not all of us should pay for it. Why should we all be judged? Those who have problems should solve their problems, but I don’t believe that a party must be perceived as corrupt in its entirety,” Viorica Dancila added.


 Dancila: I will discuss with counterparts in Portugal, Spain to resume relations with European Socialists


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, acting chairperson of PSD   announced that she would pay a visit to Brussels at the beginning of next week, where she will have meetings with several European leaders, including the First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans.

She also said she will have telephone conversations with her counterparts in Portugal and Spain to resume relations with European Socialists.

Asked on Tuesday if she received signals from European leaders after Liviu Dragnea’s conviction, Viorica Dancila replied: “We have no signals, I have not talked to European leaders yet, I will go to Brussels on Monday and I will have a meeting with the European leaders.”


PM Dancila says not content with Diaspora vote, those who failed must go home


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Tuesday also said she is not content with the way the vote unfolded in the Diaspora and asked the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) to carry out an analysis in this respect, adding that those who have failed must go home.

“No, I’m not content with the Diaspora vote, with what happened. (…) That is why I have asked the MAE to carry out an analysis of what has happened and those who have made mistakes should go home, be they ambassadors or consuls. I said that from the ministry’s viewpoint as many polling stations were opened as had been asked for by ambassadors or consuls,” the Romanian Premier told a press conference.

Viorica Dancila added that from where she stands, the blame belongs with the ambassadors or consuls.

“The ballot papers were sufficient according to the requests of the ambassadors, and the consuls, respectively. I believe a mistake was made there. We will see what this analysis we will carry out shows, and those who have failed, from the first to the last, must go home, because if we do not do that, we will have this situation at the next election as well and this is something we cannot accept,” Viorica Dancila asserted.


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