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January 23, 2022

Attila Korodi: Rupture between UDMR and PSD is very serious. A no-confidence motion is opportune, but a clear strategy is required

The rupture between the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) and the Social Democrat Party (PSD) is very serious, the leader of the Alliance’s MPs, Attila Korodi, stated for RFI. He says that a no-confidence motion of the Opposition is opportune.

Asked if UDMR will support a possible no-confidence motion, Attila Korodi answered: “The signals show that, from our point of view, such an approach is opportune, only that we are waiting for a serious approach from the other Opposition parties, which means that a clear strategy is required for each step to be made in case of filing a no-confidence motion”.

The UDMR MP speaks about “a strategy related to both the no-confidence motion and the possible early elections of the next year, namely a constructive approach, in which all the involved parties have to know very clear the way to have a closer or a less detailed collaboration. Right now, there are signals from both PNL and USR that they have different approaches on certain issues, they have different approaches related to taking over the governing. These things must be harmonized or clarified somehow”.

Attila Korodi says that “the rupture (between UDMR and PSD – e.n.) is very serious, and the starting reason is that the Government hasn’t made the steps that have to be mandatorily made in the case of Valea Uzului. The prefect’s institutions didn’t act, they act just reversely, against the law. On the other hand, we also see clear signals inside the ruling coalition, even after a clarification of the situation in which they are, probably in the middle of the summer they may lose the governing due to their inability or incapacity”.

Asked if UDMR is willing to be part of a non-PSD Government, in case the no-confidence motion will pass, Attila Korodi answered: “This is my personal opinion, since we don’t have an opinion from UDMR. My opinion is that UDMR can support such an approach, but it shouldn’t be part of the Government”.

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