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January 22, 2022

PM Dancila: I will take action on elections-related mistakes after analyzing report requested to MAE, MAI

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said she will take action on the “mistakes” made in organizing and holding the 26 May elections after analyzing the report requested to the Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry and the other institutions involved.

“As I announced, immediately after the elections, I asked the MAE and the MAI, all the institutions involved in the elections, a full report on the process of voting, the difficulties faced by the voters. I am a balanced and fair person who does not want to take hasty decisions. The prime minister position entails reason and responsibility, and I believe that all decisions must be made following this analysis. Based on this report, I will take action by carefully analyzing what has happened, if there have been mistakes, and certainly mistakes were made, those who are responsible, those responsible for these mistakes have to pay, but we cannot apply sanctions without a thorough analysis of these things,” Viorica Dancila said on Thursday at the beginning of the Government meeting.

The prime minister added that, at the same time, measures would have to be taken to ensure that “what was not good in the organization and holding of the European Parliament elections and the Sunday referendum would not be repeated in the next election.”

“If there is a need for new regulations, for legislative amendments, we have all the openness to do them with specialists,” Dancila said.


Melescanu: I was never asked to resign. It wouldn’t be fair from me to waive the big projects because of a problem with some failures


Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu stated in an interview for Digi24 that he was never asked to resign due to the problems related to the voting in Diaspora, and it wouldn’t be fair from him to waive the big projects because of a problem that involved “some failures”.

Meanwhile, the petition initiated by the Declic community in which the Foreign Minister is asked to resign reached almost 115,000 signatures.

“I was never asked this (to resign – e.n.). As the Foreign Minister, I have some very important objectives. Of course, elections are also one of these important objectives. I didn’t think that it’s fair from me to waive the big objectives that I have, because of a certain problem that involved some failures. Of course, if the Prime Minister or my party want to replace me, I will always be ready to support the one who will come in my place”, Teodor Melescanu stated.

Asked if PM Viorica Dancila made any reproach to him, Melescanu answered: “No, never. On the contrary, she encouraged me to perform this investigation and see what the real causes were, in order to subsequently discuss about how this year’s election will be conducted”.


“I personally discussed with Mrs Dancila, and there is no question of my resignation”


Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said on Wednesday evening that he had talks with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on a request from President Klaus Iohannis regarding his removal from office for issues reported at the polling stations abroad for the May 26 European elections and referendum, but the conclusion was that there was no question of his resignation.

“I personally discussed with Mrs Dancila, and there is no question of my resignation, as none at the level of the leadership of the party I belong to, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), or at the level of the government, have asked for my resignation”, Melescanu underlined in an call-in on Antena 3 TV channel.

At the same time, he said the number of such polling stations for these elections was “a world record”.

“We did everything we could – we set up for the first time 441 polling stations, a world record, 215 more than for the previous European elections. Also, at least 63 more than in the general or other elections”, said Melescanu.

He reiterated that the referendum called by President Klaus Iohannis actually made the voting process more difficult, because the time needed for a Romanian voter abroad to vote was greatly increased by the additional procedure of registering the voters in the referendum.

“On May 24, I approved a minister order on polling stations abroad and, two weeks before the elections, the President decided to hold a referendum, and so the time in the elections abroad that were supposed to be for the European Parliament, which every citizen could complete in about two minutes – simply got multiplied to 6-7 minutes because there were two special lists to be filled in by those at the stations”, Melescanu said.

He also pointed out that according to the law, 30 days before the election day, the list of all polling stations abroad should be displayed by MAE.

He said postal vote did not prove to be a functional variant, given that only 18,000 Romanians from abroad signed up for it with the Romanian diplomatic missions, the preliminary step to have the ballot papers mailed to them. At the same time, he said, the procedure of signing up with the Romanian diplomatic missions would also be mandatory if the electronic vote were to be used.

Melescanu concluded that the solution he and ALDE propose in the run-up to the presidential election is to amend the law so that the voting abroad lasts a week before the election day in Romania, an idea that ALDE national chairman revealed on Wednesday.


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