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May 7, 2021

PNL’s Orban: When submitting a censure motion a party must be prepared to govern. USR’s announcement according to which they will have their own presidential candidate came in a totally inappropriate moment

Leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban on Wednesday evening stated that the Liberals will take responsibility for governing the country, in the event that the censure motion they are going to submit is adopted.

He said PNL will start negotiations with its partners in the opposition and also with the other parliamentary groups to support the censure motion.

“As we see it, things are very clear. The Executive Bureau decided that we are going to submit the censure motion, and obviously that we are going to start by negotiating individually first of all with our partners in the opposition and then with the other parliamentary groups, besides the PSD (Social Democratic Party) and with all the MPs that we think we can convince to vote for the censure motion. In respect to the government, well… any party submitting a censure motion to overthrow a government must be prepared to govern itself. This is basic. In fact, PNL is the second party by number of representatives in Parliament and the strongest opposition party, with most representatives and members with experience in all fields where we have repeatedly affirmed our solutions in different areas of activity. You cannot allow them to set the country on fire only from the political calculation that I do not go to government so as not to erode myself in the government. Here is the question of stopping them from tearing down the country, crushing us against the fence, not taking us to the abyss,” Orban said on B1 TV private television broadcaster.

On the other hand, the Liberal leader has drawn the attention of the ALDE lawmakers to break the coalition with the PSD, otherwise “they will be dead and buried.”

“If ALDE [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats], after this major failure, doesn’t understand that they have to break from the PSD, they will be dead and buried and I say this to the ALDE MPs: abandon your political career as they have abandoned their political career Norica Nicolai, Renate Weber, and all the others who were very happy with the PSD,” said Ludovic Orban.

He also sent a message to the senators and the Social Democrats not to “be accomplices to the destruction of Romania”.

“I also tell the PSD MPs: not even one third of you will be MPs, if you do not wake up and if you do not understand that you cannot be accomplices to destroying Romania by this government that risks turning to dust everything that means economy, economic balance and destroying authority in all areas. What is happening today in Romania is extremely serious. It is a generalized chaos, a lack of authority, a lack of professionalism, it is turned like a pyramid with the top down. Every public institution, almost all public systems are in crisis. You cannot live without any sense, just to make your meticulous calculations,” added the PNL Chairman.


USR’s announcement according to which they will have their own presidential candidate came in a totally inappropriate moment


PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday evening, for B1TV, that USR’s announcement according to which they will have their own presidential candidate came in a totally inappropriate moment.

“I saw that their concern on the day in which the referendum convened by the President was adopted with an overwhelming score that showed that the President convened a referendum giving the Romanians the opportunity to clearly show to the entire Europe that the Romanian society is a fair, honest society, that Romanians want to be ruled by honest people, by fair people, by competent people, and they announced their presidential candidate, or claimed the intention to have a presidential candidate, being inebriated by a relative success, a relative success”, Orban stated.

He mentioned he was speaking about USR-PLUS.

“When there are many people who voted for you, you must be even more careful, you must be even more responsible, because those who voted you rely on you, giving you, how should I say it, their hopes in a better life, putting them on your shoulders. This should make you more responsible, instead of jumping with joy, initiating festive shows for a relative success. The real achievement of any political party or politician is to change the way of making politics in Romania. The way of making politics in Romania, especially by PSD, with guts, with arrogance, considering that once you hold a public position everybody has to come and kiss your ring”, Orban added.

“They announced they want to have their own presidential candidate, and if they want this, that’s it, this is democracy. They can run in the elections, we can’t prevent have their own presidential candidate. What I didn’t like is that they did it in a totally inappropriate moment. The vote of May 26 was a vote of revolt, there was a 50% turnout for the EP elections and almost 45% turnout for the referendum, a huge presence that has clearly indicated that people want a change”, the PNL Chairman also stated.

On Tuesday evening, USR Chairman Dan Barna stated for Antena 3 that the 2020 USR-PLUS Alliance will have their own presidential candidate.



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