Russia Day at Bucharest’s Village Museum

The Russian Centre for Science and Culture and the ‘Dimitrie Gusti’ National Village Museum are organising, with the support of the Government of the Iaroslavl Region and the Iaroslavl State Philharmonic, festive events dedicated to the celebration of Russia’s national day – ‘Day of Russia.’

This year’s festive schedule includes a wide range of cultural and entertainment events that will take place in several points of Bucharest’s National Village Museum.

The special guests of the ‘Day of Russia 2019’ are part of a delegation from the region of Iaroslavl, led by Natalia Vladimirovna Kosihina, member of the Council of the Federation, representative of the Region of Iaroslavl within the Federation Council attached to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The ‘Serpantin’ folk ensemble and the representatives of folk crafts – ‘Workshop of gifts’ and ‘Olimp’ company – are also among the guests.

For well over 20 years, artists from the ‘House of Berendei’ – ‘Workshop of Gifts’ Centre for Conserving and Developing Folk Traditions from Pereslavl-Zalesski are carefully safeguarding the artistic heritage of the artisans of the Iaroslavl region. ‘Berendeika’, products of folk workmanship, are made manually, in line with traditional technology. Berendeika is a wooden figurine representing people and animals and has been sold at fairs from times immemorial. The modern Berendeika is a rebirth of Russian folk traditions, capitalising on the originality of these traditions.

The ‘Olimp’ company will present the traditional wooden toys painted in a typical Russian style, while the ‘Serpantin’ ensemble will thrill visitors with Russian folklore.

With the participation of volunteers from the Bucharest University and from the ‘I.L.Caragiale’ National Theatre Art and Film University, the Russian Centre for Science and Culture will present an interactive show titled ‘The wheel of history.’

With the support of the Community of Lipovan Russians in Romania, the ‘Molodti’ youth folk dance ensemble from Tulcea will also take part in the festivities, presenting Russian folk dances full of temperament.

Likewise, the event will also feature traditional Russian cuisine, an exhibition of Pavlovo-posadsk shawls and Russian souvenirs, staged folk tales by Pushkin and fables by Krylov, various competitions for adults and children.

Likewise, the concert will also feature performances by the ‘Belka-Strelka’ creative ensemble from Romania and by the ‘Siurpriz’ children’s group consisting of pupils from the Kiselev School for Children from the Russian Centre for Science and Culture.

Inspired by the freshness and purity of the water lilies that float on the lakes around Jurilovca, Lipovan Russians Valentina Koker and Olga Alexei have formed the ‘White Water Lilies’ Group in order to keep alive beautiful childhood songs. Koloshnik and its pair zbornik are the traditional Lipovan Russian hair styles that maintain the authenticity of the folk clothing. Valentina Koker creates them in various shapes and colours and accessorises them with broches, laces, beads and spangles in order to draw the looks of admirers. The Village Museum’s ‘La Bariera’ Inn will offer traditional Russian products for tasting and purchase.

The solemn opening of the ‘Day of Russia’ festivities will take place on Saturday, June 8, at 10 a.m., at the ‘Dimitrie Gusti’ Village Museum.

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