The murderer of the police officer in Timis has been caught. Ministry of Interior: His capture cannot remove the huge pain caused by the loss of our fellow

Ionel Marcel Lepa, the man who killed a police officer in Timis during a mission, has been caught on the night of Monday to Tuesday, around 4.45 AM, in the house of the grandmother of one of his friends, in the locality of Remetea Mare.

The gun with which the police officer was killed was found on Lepa. He had both the gun and a bag with bullets on the girdle, according to the images taken when he was captured. The head of the Romanian Police, Ioan Buda, who came to Timisoara on Monday evening, in order to closely watch the capture of Ionel Marcel Lepa, the man sought for robbery who killed the police officer Cristian Amariei, stated, after the murderer was captured, that those who deserve to be praised are his colleagues, for capturing him. Also, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) posted on Facebook an image from the moment of capture, accompanied by the message “His capture cannot remove the huge pain caused by the loss of our fellow, Cristian Amariei!”.

Lepa was caught by a sting operation team of the Special Operations Office, together with a SIAS team, 7 kilometers far from the murder place.

According to the policemen, the man was hurt, and his wounds were getting worse. He was taken to the hospital with an ambulance, and the gun with which he killed the police officer, together with bullets, were found in the house where he was hiding.

The man was found in the locality of Remetea Mare, in the house of the grandmother of a friend, which was searched by the investigators on Monday and where they found suspicious blood samples.

The man didn’t fight when he was captured. He is hurt and he will be taken to a medical unit, then he will be heard.

On Monday, the investigators checked several false trails; before midnight, they also checked if gunshots have been fired near Timisoara, as announced at the 112 emergency phone number. In the end, it was established that it was a firework.

A criminal file was opened in this case, for first-degree murder.

On Sunday, Ionel Marcel Lepa fired a deadly shot on the 43 years old police officer Cristian Amariei, in the chest and neck area, while the latter was trying to capture him.

The man was sought after he was convicted for robbery.

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