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May 16, 2021

Giovanni Villabruna, President of Confindustria Romania:: Our awareness and pride, as Italians, for the results achieved here in Romania is the result of more than 15 years of associative activity

The celebration of the Italian National Day in Romania is also the opportunity to take stock of bilateral relations. As President of Confindustria Romania, the association of Italian Entrepreneurs in this country, I would like to underline  the great and continuous contribution, in the last decades, that our Entrepreneurs and our Companies paid to the growth and development of this Country, through transfer of know-how,  investment and the creation of jobs.

I would like to recall two passages from the President of Confindustria Italy, Vincenzo Boccia, at the recent annual Assembly that took place in Rome: “We are Italians, we are Entrepreneurs, we are Confindustria” … “We want to be the future we imagine”.

I think in these few words we can extract an essential message: our awareness and pride, as Italians, for the results achieved here in Romania. This is the result of more than 15 years of associative activity, which allowed us to reach the status of “Patronat”, recognized by the Romanian authorities, to be a social part, by right, in relations with the Romanian Government.

This is a unique condition, which allows us to support our Companies, our Italian Entrepreneurs more effectively vis-à-vis the Romanian authorities, in areas that are sensitive and vital for the life of a company, such as labour and taxation. We want to do business by pursuing legality. On this principle, on next June 20th, our traditional “Both World” event will host the second Legal Summit, focused on compliance and anticorruption methods and standards.

We have been working, for years and with no rest, to counteract this phenomenon: the anti-corruption procedures that we disclose to our Companies allow them to take effective preventive actions. As “Patronat” we deem necessary to deal with such complex and delicate issues, in order to give a concrete contribution and quick solutions to our members.

The future is built on the choices of today, and we intend to pursue aggregation and development today as a strategic activity for our future.

To aggregate more Companies means to achieve an even more consistent representation, and therefore to achieve greater authority in the social dialogue.

Developing on the territory by opening new branches of Confindustria Romania, means ensuring our proximity to the Italian Entrepreneurs present in this Country, which often suffer from the long distance from the capital due to the vastness of the territory and the poor infrastructure connections.

Furthermore, thanks to the new Confindustria vision of networking, being in Confindustria means having more business opportunities, building partnerships that Companies can use to interconnect and develop their activities.

For this purpose, shortly, we will present CONNEXT 2020, the second edition of the networking event that last year in Milan has had a remarkable success: 7,000 participants, 450 exhibition companies, 500 companies in the virtual marketplace, 200 on-site business presentations, 40,000 registered users on the platform and thousands of one-to-one meetings.

In Romania, Italy works in full synergy, something that often does not happen in other Countries. We are lucky to be able to count on such a full-range presence of public and private bodies, at the service of the Companies and of the entire Italian community. The Italian Embassy, the Foreign Trade Agency (ICE), the Cultural Institute, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania and Confindustria Romania, are able to ensure, as “Sistema Italia”, assistance and services at 360 degrees.

At the same time, the skillful coordination by H.E. Marco Giungi, the Italian Ambassador in Bucharest, in supporting this complex project of creating synergies, has been the cornerstone to turn historical intentions into operational concreteness.

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in this Country and to a centennial of our Association in Italy, we are proud to be one of the main components of the “Sistema Italia”, as well as one of its main supporters.




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