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President of Monza Hospital, Carmen Dragan: Our priority will always be to place the patient at the heart of our concerns

Monza Hospital, part of the group Policlinico di Monza, is specialized in performing complex surgeries and providing high-performance integrated medical services. Tell us a few words about the activity of the Monza Group in Romania. What are the Romanian cities where our readers can find you?

From the beginning, Monza Group’s mission in Romania was to improve and enrich the Romanian medical system, by providing highest quality services, exclusively for the benefit of the patient. Our priority will always be to place the patient at the heart of our concerns, making our best to make him or her feel safe with us, by both the medical support of a high professionalism and the human approach from our staff.

In 2018, we launched two new projects – in April, we launched the Monza Medical Center by taking over the Pro Estetica Hospital clinic located in the Northern Bucharest, and we also launched the Monza-Ares Hospital in Cluj. In addition, through the Ritmico ambulatory service network, we are present in the cities of Giurgiu, Constanta, Focsani and Ploiesti.

Monza Metropolitan Hospital is our most recent project, being a large private hospital with state-of-the-art technology and highly specialized physicians who implement the latest protocols proposed by the international medical societies. The hospital is located in the Unirii area, and its main medical specialties are the following: orthopedics, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, gastroenterology and a cutting-edge Medical Imaging laboratory.


Monza Hospital was established in 2012. You have supported this project since its first phase. How would you assess these 7 years in terms of challenges and achievements?

My main profession is lawyer, but I left it after 20 years of practicing, focusing on green-field projects made by foreign companies.

My collaboration with the Monza Group actually started in 2009, when the company was still establishing. I have actually witnessed this project’s development since it was started. In the 7 years of functioning, Monza Hospital has grown, becoming a center of excellence in the cardiovascular surgery; today, we are speaking about more than a prestigious and benchmark hospital at international level, but about a whole group of private hospitals whose standards are at the top level proposed by the Monza Hospital.

The research in the field of the staff attracted into this project and of the best professionals in the medical field was a key element in the development of this project. Human resource was and still is the key of success of the Monza Hospital. At the same time, the support and technical resources provided to the physicians, as well as the high precision equipment had a very important role.

The fact that for the development of this project, everything was very carefully selected, without any compromise, so that we were able to fulfil all the criteria that put us today in line with the great European medical centers, the high objectives we established since the beginning, the opportunity to have the best team, all these things formed a “promise” to success.


Could you please tell us what were the financial results of the Monza Hospital in 2018? Also, could you please tell us what are its objectives for this year?

We ended the year of 2018 with a turnover of EUR 30 million, 10 times higher than in 2013, which was the opening year, and this can indicate the growing pace for this period. For this year, we expect a turnover of EUR 40 million, thanks to the support provided by the new opened centers.


What development strategies do you have?

Monza Group is planning to develop and expand its network of clinics and hospitals both at local and national level.

In terms of technology, Monza Group has always invested in high-precision equipment and systems that provide the physicians with the patient’s safety during the surgery. The most important purchases in the recent period were the 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Siemens machine, the most performing MR machine on the market, the BrainLab neural navigation system, and the Da Vinci surgical robot, purchased in 2017, with an upgrade made in 2018, to the last version of the Intuitive – Da Vinci Xi brand. Monza Hospital is the first private center in Romania that used robotic surgery, in 2017; today, our surgeons are using the surgical robot in surgeries related to diseases in the following specialties: urology, gynecology, bariatrics, oncology, and recently, cardiovascular surgery, being the only center in the Southeastern Europe that performs such surgeries at the heart level.

Robotic surgery is the next step in the development of the minimally invasive surgery; it appeared as a result of improving the surgical instruments and the intra-operatory visualization system. In the recent years, this has become the new standard of the surgical centers at global level.

Another important project we are developing right now is the largest oncology center, developed in partnership with Enayati Group. We are planning to launch it in 2021; the project involves important investments, supported by us and Enayati Group, in respect of the building; Monza Group is contributing with know-how and an investment of around EUR 15 million in technology.

Monza Group’s promise for this year is to maintain its excellence standards as they were established through the foundation the most performing cardiology and cardiovascular surgery center – the Monza Hospital, by aiming at attracting top human and technology resources, as well as to establish a benchmark level for the Romanian private medical service market, this project mainly aiming at improving the quality of the Romanian patients’ lives.


In 2016, you were decorated with the Italy Star Order in rank of a Knight, for your standing involvement into the smooth collaboration between Romania and Italy. What is your message to the Italian community in Romania, now, when we are celebrating Italy’s National Day?

I received this decoration with a lot of excitement and I am very honored, particularly because I feel that I am connected to Italy throughout these years, with countless visible and invisible threads. I consider Italy my second homeland, and this medal is a gesture of reciprocity which gives me the feeling of fulfillment.

On the occasion of celebrating Italy’s Day, I wish “Happy National Day!” to this country, and I wish all the partners who have joined our community to have a smooth integration, the most prosperous activity, and I wish this social, cultural and economic exchange between the two countries, with a historical relationship, to have benefits at all levels.

Year after year, Romania becomes an appropriate business environment, and the products and services “made in Italy” have always been a guarantee of quality for Romanians.

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