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December 9, 2022

We are active in a very dynamic field, and that is why we are motivated to be among the best. Interview with Stefano Albarosa, CEO Cefin Trucks

You develop and grow businesses since many years. Which were the toughest obstacles you have encountered during your success and how did you overcome them?

Being an entrepreneur you face challenges everyday as nothing, in reality, goes according to plans. To overcome challenges, you need to be adaptive, creative and very, very determined. At the end of the day, the difference between winning or losing is not giving up.


Ford Trucks is one of the top truck sellers in Romania. As one of the founders of this company in Romania, what do you think the recipe for the success of this business is?

Albeit we are market leader in both construction and special vehicles, we are still not a leading brand. Bringing a new product in a consolidated market is indeed a major challenge. As in everything in business, the key to succeed is to put the customer need at the center of everything we do. Running the extra mile for our customers and making sure they always get the best deal the market has to offer.


What are the general trends in the truck industry in Romania in 2019, from the perspective of the players and the preferences of the consumers?

In the first months of 2019, we saw an increase of over 6% for trucks over 16 tonnes, compared to the same period last year. Businesses are growing, the economy is changing, clients are becoming more selective. If we are talking about the market players, it is obvious that each brand is trying to become more competitive, our clients have bigger needs, and we have to rise to their expectations. We are active in a very dynamic field, and that is why we are motivated to be among the best. The Cefin Trucks team has always responded positively to all challenges. Consumers no longer buy a product, but a service package and we are proud to be beside them and together we can develop long-term partnerships.


You also continued with the business in the real estate industry by building logistic parks and industrial halls, even though you took a break for some time. How is this business currently going and what projects do you have undergoing?

We are very pleased with this business. We develop an average of 100.000 Sqm of Industrial and Logistic Buildings per year since 2014.


Which are the plans for the future of your businesses in Romania?

An organic growth in all three segments where we operate: commercial vehicles, Real Estate and Industry. To build respected business strong enough to weather the storms that business life, now and then, brings about.


What motivates you most at a personal and professional level?

In my personal life, to be loved and taken care off. Both things in which my life partner, Caterina, excels. On the professional side, to create a company environment where everyone feels at home and has plenty of opportunities for her/his professional growth.


Which are the most important principles that guide you in life?

Aim high, do not be afraid to fail

Life is not always fair, move on

Respect everyone and find someone to help you through life

Work hard: easy come, easy go

Lead by example. Set the pace

Plan for the best but be ready for the worst

Trust yourself and never, ever, ever give up

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