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February 3, 2023

Iohannis: PSD is seeking all kind of tricks to avoid signing pact and fixing laws

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday said that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) came up with all sorts of stories about the pact he proposed, maintaining that this way the Social Democrats want to avoid signing the national agreement and fixing the justice and voting laws.

“After I had consultations with the parties – and I found it normal that after the elections I called the parties and discuss how to put things into practice – , I proposed them a pact. PNL [National Liberal Party] came and said right awaw: very well, we’ll sign this pact. It is exactly what Romanians want, this is written in the pact, to change the Constitution as people voted in the referendum, to ban ordinances, to ban amnesty, but also come back to the discussion on the justice laws, which were damaged by the PSD and I told them to their face at the consultations: you made a mess of these laws, you must come and fix them. I find it normal. In the same way, I proposed them to move, but fast, and change the legislation and the organisation for the elections,” the head of state said at the launch of his book “RO.EU. An open dialogue to Europe” at the “Alba Transilvana” Book Fair.

The President brought to mind the problems in the voting abroad.

According to him, the parliamentary majority is a toxic one and showed that it can be changed through vote. Moreover, President Iohannis pointed out that a new majority is starting to be shaping up, with PNL as its “engine.”

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