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October 4, 2022

PM Dancila firmly asks respect for Romania’s state symbols and public order norms, proposes the placing of Valea Uzului cemetery under Defence Ministry’s authority

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila firmly asks respect for Romania’s state symbols and public order norms and makes a call to responsibility in respect to political actions and statements referring to the situation in Valea Uzului, the Government informed in a release issued on Saturday.

“I have closely followed that has happened these days in Valea Uzului. I haven’t publicly voiced an opinion on this topic as I did not wish to contribute to the escalation of the situation, but together with my colleagues in the Government I reacted for things to get back to normal and find solutions accepted by the local community, Romanians and Hungarians alike. The Romanian citizens, regardless of their ethnic origin, expect solutions from us, concrete proposals, not blunt statements. The governmental authorities and politicians have the option of dialogue, and an instigation to division between Romanian citizens, as we have unfortunately seen these days, is intolerable,” the Prime Minister says, according to a release issued on Saturday.

At the same time, the PM points out that the Government has been seeking solutions in the spirit of ensuring the unrestricted right of each to commemorate their heroes and honour the memory of those who defended the Romanian people’s freedom, integrity and dignity with the supreme sacrifice.

One of the proposals, according to the release, is aimed at the National Defence Ministry taking over the cemetery of the heroes fallen during the two world wars – Valea Uzului and the consecration of the international cemetery status, taking into account that servicemen of different nationalities are buried in this cemetery. Nevertheless, any decision will be made after consultations with all parties involved, the Government points out.

“The Executive head disapproves any action meant to fuel the conflict among Romania’s citizens and the statements instilling hatred and lack of respect for our country’s state symbols. Moreover, the Prime Minister underscores that the political approach of the situation in Valea Uzului isn’t capable to contribute to a constructive solution and rejects any attempt to obtain political capital conducted by some political leaders. The PM asks the authorities in charge to maintain public order and ensure the rights of all Romanian citizens,” the Government release also reads.

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