Ponta: PRO Romania, member of European Democratic Party as of Tuesday

As of Tuesday, the PRO Romania party becomes a member of the European Democratic Party, “a kind of smaller party, but with pro-European beliefs – social-democrat and liberal”, the Pro Romania head Victor Ponta said on Sunday, at the end of the party’s Permanent Delegation’s sitting.

“We cannot go either to the EPP, or to the sovereigntists, or to the extremists,” Victor Ponta stressed.

Moreover, Victor Ponta announced that PRO Romania will nominate Corina Cretu for a (new) European commissioner term. Victor Ponta also said that his party will not ink political alliances either with the PSD (main ruling Social Democratic Party) or the PNL (National Liberal Party).

At the end of the reunion, Ponta said that his party’s members of the Parliament will vote the censure motion the opposition parties will table, yet they will not sign it.

As for the situation in the Republic of Moldova, Victor Ponta said that in his opinion, it represents “a total disaster for Romania” considering our country’s noninvolvement in the talks held by third sides to solve the political crisis in Chisinau.

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